How to Write Exceptional Social Media Copy

ShawneDuperonHi Everyone,

Just wanted to give a fast, easy social media lesson…

First, when you’re making requests for EBC folks to retweet you.. make your links short with bitly:  rocks.. go there.

Second… put your twitter handle in the tweet. You want to know who’s sourcing you so you can give them energy back.

For example!! Board member Jennifer Hough is an admitted non-pro at social media. She recently asked me to tweet her event…

And.. I couldn’t tweet them, they needed serious work. (No worries… Jennifer is open to the coaching).

Here goes…

This is what she sent…

Twitter Copy:  What if you could full integrate with your purpose?  Jennifer Hough live in LA 01/24:

This is how it was re-written:

What if you could fully integrate with your purpose?  Join dear friend Jennifer Hough via @ThWideAwakening  LA 01/24:

Here’s some great copy by Elle Febbo.. and most were too long.. you want them at a max of 130 words if you can.. Here’s a couple to give you a sense of what works…

#Life is meant to be lived by heart- Life By Heart via @Elle Febbo – #book launch proceeds support @Project_Forgive

The new #book by @Elle_Febbo that everyone is talking about-and it’s #beautiful. “Life By Heart” ~

And with that said…….

If you really really, really, really, want people of great influence to send out your tweets — Shift your tweets from primarily selling a book, an event or a free class… to ACTUAL content.

Here’s what my content looks like when I ask folks to retweet:
Very little selling!
The game in social media is relationship building.. not constantly selling your book, your event or even your free class. Same marketing advice for media interviews:>)
And?? Free classes LAND like selling in social media. It’s not “wrong” to do, it’s simply a good idea to make it a small percentage of your social media. My rule of thumb is usually 10 content posts, to one that makes a request for something…
When someone looks at your twitter feed and sees mostly selling.. they’re out of there. (That includes the “selling” of others.) My twitter feed is rich with content:>) My marketing goals will have it continue to stay that way.
Treat your tweets like gold. Less selling is good. Focus on building relationships with your fellow EBC colleagues by providing fab content…


By: Shawne Duperon