The Evolutionary Business Institute (EBI) is a community that promotes mentorship and learning for up-and-coming influential speakers, transformational thought leaders, conscious business leaders, authors, radio hosts and others with a broad, diverse audience who elicit positive change in the world.


The Evolutionary Business Institute (EBI) is an invitation-only community. You must be sponsored in by one of our existing member who will vouch that you meet the criteria for membership.

EBI Member Verification Criteria – Your qualification for The EBI membership is based on how closely you:

1) Are a ‘thought leader’ or seen to be on the path to becoming one. You create a better world by educating success principles and spreading new ideas to help others live a better life. Therefore you:

  • Building a profitable business, at $100,000 and above
  • Demonstrate mastery of communication of new ideas
  • Engage others in dialog of best practices from new perspectives
  • Demonstrate appropriate messaging for your target audience
  • Demonstrate experience-based education principles and practices Critique the value of ideas and materials / products

2) Are a person of influence or working to become one. You communicate in a “one to many” fashion and you have an established reach or are working to develop you reach. You guide your own organization (meaning you are a business owner or organization executive) and persuade the group you routinely reach (meaning you have a warm following in some capacity). Therefore you:

  • Demonstrate mastery in influencing others
  • Cultivate the hospitable attraction and retention of followers
  • Nurture on-going ethical and authentic conversation with your followers
  • Value sustained relationships with other influencers

3) Are a person committed to collaboration. You appreciate one plus one equals three and more often exceeds infinite possibilities. You collaborate with others for business success. Therefore you:

  • Value an assertive and cooperative approach to work with others
  • Practice synergistic and spirited connections
  • Guide win-grow relationships
  • Respond to others through reciprocity

4) Are committed to personal transformation. You serve as a role-model in overcoming your limiting thoughts and beliefs in order to achieve greater success in life and work. Therefore you:

  • Demonstrate what you educate
  • Challenge your internal dialog
  • Question the contradictions of self and others
  • Practice life-long commitment to learning and development

Member Application Requirements

  • An applicant is sponsored in by one existing member who will attest that the applicant meets the above criteria
  • Complete payment profile for membership fees – $437 US quarterly, refunded if application is not approved. 

Expectations of members

  • You commit to be engaged with fellow EBC Community members (made up of both EBC & EBI members), to conduct business and offer support.
  • You commit to attend one EBI Collaboration Call or EBC live event a month as your schedule permits.
  • Your invited guests should be potential members and meet the membership criteria.
  • You are committed to the EBC’s mission, to its members and to uphold the EBC’s reputation.
  • You recognize the costs of participating in EBC events, and are able to bear those costs individually. EBC is a international organization and events are held at many locales.
  • The EBC Board of Directors at its sole and absolute discretion has the right to make all decisions regarding EBC and EBI, including but not limited to the acceptance of applicants. Acceptance into EBI membership is at the discretion of the board.

Meet Our Members

  • Ms. Evana Valle

    Chiavari, Liguria

  • Teresa de Grosbois

    Calgary, AB

  • Kathy Knowles

    Melbourne, FL

  • Harrison Klein

    Sunrise, FL

  • Dr. Valerie René Sheppard

    Trabuco Canyon, CA

  • Lisa Marie Platske

    Alexandria, VA

  • Gerry Foster

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Ms. Sherre DeMao

    Denver, NC

  • Mr. Randy Harris

    Boulder, CO

  • Joseph Ranseth

    Winnipeg, MB

  • Jessica Eaves Mathews

    Corrales, New Mexico

  • Tonya Hofmann

    Austin, TX