Membership Information and Criteria

The Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) is a community of high-level influential speakers, transformational thought leaders, conscious business leaders, television personalities, bestselling authors, radio hosts and others with a broad, diverse audience who elicit positive change in the world.

The Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) consists of two membership levels, the EBC (The Evolutionary Business Council) and the EBI (The Evolutionary Business Institute). Both membership levels enjoy the same great benefits. The EBC level is distinguished by those who are well established thought leaders who typically have a influential reach of more than 10,000. The EBI level is right for you if your are seeking a mentorship environment for learning the strategies and skills of influence and thought-leadership.

Our mission is to create positive change in the world through cooperation, collaboration and connectivity of highly influential business leaders to create exponential power to lift and support each other and the world.

Member Benefits
Instant connection to hundreds of other thought leaders with a collective reach of more than 10 million people

Immediate networking with the broader global market

Thousands of dollars in free or discounted training from other members

Participation in collaboration calls with other influencers from around the world, where you get to ask other influencers for assistance in growing your personal reach

Access to our member only forum, where you can build relationship with other members

The EBC is for you if:

  • You’re a thought-leader, dealing in new ideas
  • You’re dealing with influence
  • You’re dedicated to collaboration
  • You’re dedicated to your own self improvement in a collaborative environment that fosters profound transformation.

To see a detailed explanation of our membership criteria, please click here

What’s involved in applying

  • An existing member must sponsor your application to vouch that you are a fit for membership.
  • There is a brief application and approval process that typically takes less than a week.

Join a community of influential speakers, trainers, radio hosts, authors & thought leaders out to change the world.