EBC Guide Guidebook

The following guidebook will explain the steps you need to follow in order to successfully develop your role as a guide. You can click on any of the following tittles on the table of contents to go directly to that part of the guide.

In this worksheet we are going to go over how to become a sponsor for the EBC, you can either read this hole text or you can go to a specific part of this guide by clicking any of the titles showing in the table of content below.        

If you couldn’t find the answer you were looking for in this document, please go to our FAQ’s or email affiliates@ebcouncil.com with your question.

What is an EBC Guide?

An EBC guide is the member that understands and can share how the EBC can improve the life and business of members that are just starting. Helping them understand how to get the greatest advantage out of the EBC.

What are my responsibilities as a guide?

Guides are asked to be in touch with the new members they are guiding to help them understand how the EBC works. There should be at least 2 calls in the first 2 months of the new member joining to help the new members.

The first contact with the new member should happen within 7-10 days.

Record a short video – on the first 7-10 days, you should record a video that could be uploaded to the FB group on Welcome Wednesday. It should be:

    1. A 2-3 minute introduction video (no longer) with your new member to serve as introduction to the EBC family. Please record it when you have your first connection call. Then send the video clip to Sharika Perry (sharika@ebcouncil.com). She will add this in the next Welcome Wednesday Facebook Group posting. Include your name and the name of your new member along with the video.
    2. Make it personal and unique.
    3. Questions to include in your recording:
        • What do you want EBC members to know about you and about your work?
        • Where do you live?
        • What drew you to join the EBC?

CALL #1 – Some things to let them know about: (this call needs to happen within 21 days of sign-up)


  1. They’ll be getting a series of really short videos about the EBC – these are important to watch
  2. Get them active in the Facebook group – on the 1st of every month there is a post inviting people to introduce themselves (either in writing or by video) – encourage them to do that.
  3. Talk to them about creating a live informal meeting. Do they have any travel coming up? Or Would they like to initiate one in their own city?  If they’d like to set up an informal meeting, connect them with Marivic@WildfireWS.com to assist them in logistics (Marivic and connect them with members in that city / putting up the page and manage invites). 
  4. If they live in a city with no current Ambassador, invite them to become an Ambassador for their city/area.
  5. Talk to them about attending an upcoming retreat (if you are registered for a retreat you could suggest they come to the same one as you so you could be their buddy at the retreat)
  6. Talk to them about how the EBC if a forthright organization. This is necessary because high influence sometimes has different rules of etiquette. 
  7. Let them know we have a general policy of members not selling to other members within the EBC events or processes.  Our members often offer deep discounts or scholarships to each other. That having said, once you are outside the EBC, at someone else’s event, this expectation no longer exists.
  8. Some EBC Etiquette that’s useful to know – We are a relationship-based organization. Avoid making premature asks (build a relationship first)
  9. We have 2 sliding scales for how opportunities are provided to people in the EBC that are useful to know about:
    1. We reward participation – retreat speakers are chosen from the attendees based on the relevance of their content and the level to which they are active members
    2. We invite the most influential and successful members first to the Deep Dive Retreats. This ensures there is always a core group of highly influential members at events and that they are getting powerful mastermind time with each other.  Trust that this process works
  10. Help get them enrolled in Jana Beeman’s Welcome call.
  11. Find out what brought them to the EBC. What questions do they have? Where could you direct them?
  12. If possible, set up a date for your second call, three months out.

Call #2 – find out how they are doing?  Where are they stuck? What support they need in getting active. What’s not making sense?  Are they having fun?

What resources do I have to share information?

You can use any channel of communication you already use (Email, WhatsApp, etc.), you can also use the EBC website and ask for help from other members or the EBC team to reach the members you are guiding.

Is there any kind of event or training in order to learn more?

Yes, we are constantly creating events and calls to help new and existing members to get the most out of the EBC. Some events can be found in the next list

Where can I see how many people I’m guiding and my earnings for being a guide?

Right now you can only access this information by sending an email to affiliates@ebcouncil.com. And in the following 24 hours you will receive the answer to this questions.

What should I do if I don’t know something that the person I’m guiding asked?

You can either ask our team at affiliates@ebcouncil.com or go with one of our envoy members.

How does the payment system work?

We pay once the member you are guiding reaches 6 months of active membership. If that member becomes disengaged or leaves before the 6 months, the commission will be cancelled.