We have created a FAQ document that addresses questions about the awards and process. Part of building and expanding this program is that we can continue to add Q&A as new questions are posed and new information created.

For your convenience, below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Award categories, the nomination process, etc. If after reviewing the information you still have questions, please contact the EBC Awards of Excellence Committee at c/o Shelley@WildfireWS.com

Q: Are EBC and EBI members able to nominate?

A: Absolutely. The EBC Awards of Excellence are open to the entire organization regardless of your category of membership. We welcome all members to be a part of this excellence program.

Q: Are EBC and EBI members eligible to win all the categories?

A: Yes, the EBC Awards of Excellence are open to all members of the Evolutionary Business Council

Q: Can I nominate someone from outside the EBC?

A: No, these EBC Awards of Excellence are only for members of the organization except for the EBC Global Impact Award which was introduced in January 2019

Q: What characteristics and accomplishments are you looking for in an Award candidate?

A: The Award recipients are role models who exemplify an extraordinary commitment to public service and social responsibility. Specifically each award has its own unique criteria. For example, the More Award is for the contributions that EBC/EBI members make to the organization and one another, while the other two awards are for the contributions EBC/EBI members make outside the organization. Details can be found in the award descriptions. We seek to honor those who have a demonstrated track record of selflessness, exhibited in their commitment to service and the betterment of society, those who have had a significant impact on the lives of others in their community, nation, and/or the world and those whose efforts will last beyond their lifetime.

Q: How do I nominate someone for an Award?

A: We’ve made the process super simple and easy. Simply complete the nomination form in this package, and submit by the deadline. It is beneficial to include newspaper articles, letters, and any additional information to support your nomination. Nomination forms must be received no later than November 6, 2021.

Q: What is the Award nomination process?

A: All of the nominations we receive are acknowledged, reviewed, and evaluated. The full Awards Committee reviews every nomination received, selects finalists, and provides all of that to the Awards Selection Panel. The Awards Selection Panel makes the final decisions. Both the Awards Committee and Award Selection Panel are comprised of members across the organization. Board Members and Wisdom Council Members also weigh-in on the final selections.

Q: How are the Award nominees and recipients honored?

A: All award nominees are acknowledged through:

• EBC Website

• EBC Newsletter

• External Press Release

• Social media

We encourage all nominees to share the exciting news of their nominations. It is BIG and exciting to be nominated for these prestigious awards by your peers.

Q: When are the EBC Awards of Excellence presented?

A: The 2021 EBC Awards of Excellence will be presented in association with the Virtual EBC Annual Global Retreat February 3-5, 2022.

Q: How many people may I nominate for each award?

A: You may nominate multiple people for each award. For the integrity of the awards, please be sure that each nominee truly is an exemplary example of the judging criteria. There is no limit to how many people you may nominate overall.

Q: Can I decline a nomination if I receive one?

A: Yes. All nominees will be informed of their nomination prior to the nominees’ names being released within the EBC and publicly.