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Free Offerings

These are free offerings that are exclusive for members of The Evolutionary Business Council and Institute.

Holistic Business Association Complimentary Membership

All EBC-ers with clients or customers in the US are eligible to receive a complimentary one-year Premier (highest level) membership in the Holistic Business Association (HBA) and a waived application fee.The HBA is an American professional trade...

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Free Coaching Call About Hosting Your Own Event

Save time and money and learn some of the dos and don'ts ahead of time. I'm happy to share some of the things that have worked for me and others I know from the behind the scenes side of hosting your own live event. This will also help you in learning what...

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Complimentary Intuitive Readings

I offer 45 minute complimentary skype sessions for anyone looking for guidance, especially around relationships, health or business. As an Intuitive I focus on the natural energy and masculine/feminine balance of each of the people or aspects involved. I...

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Figure Out Yourself and Your Relationships Value $200

One on One with Eileen Head using her expertise for personality and relationship 1 hour coaching - Value $200Whether single, as part of a couple, healing through divorce or any situation knowing yourself first will help you to transition, transform and...

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Solve Any Problem In 10 Minutes Ebook & Template

Getting into the groove and maintaining momentum is key to success in any endeavor. Will you solve world hunger in 10 minutes flat using this book? Not completely, but you'll definitely be on your way. This is the same powerful, solution focused process...

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