Examples of Good Social Media Copy

The way to generate buzz is to give it to others. @CoachLaura #quotes  

Social media is a public publishing platform.  http://bit.ly/SMmaster  via @CoachLaura  

If you feel clueless about social media… here’s a great video series http://lauraonsocialmedia.com 

Remember to keep your private info OFF social media. @CoachLaura #quote http://bit.ly/SMmaster  

Getting endorsements is more powerful than self-promotion @CoachLaura  #quote http://bit.ly/SMmaster 

Have a well thought out social media strategy when launching your social media efforts. (if you want results) @CoachLaura #quote 

Use social media to share your best content. @CoachLaura  #quote http://bit.ly/SMmaster 

Entrepreneurs have a powerful visibility opportunity by using social media to build relationships http://bit.ly/SMmaster via @CoachLaura 

The playing field has been leveled with social media for business. http://bit.ly/SMmaster via @CoachLaura 

When you praise someone publically, you become the hero to many. @CoachLaura #quote 

Love out loud! Offer words of kindness often. @CoachLaura #quote 

Live authentically and you have nothing to hide. @CoachLaura #quote 

Be a social media hero by promoting others! @CoachLaura  #quote http://bit.ly/SMmaster 


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