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  • Get the entire Tapping World Summit 2019 series and much more!

    Did you catch the entire Tapping World Summit? If not you can still own the entire series! (I personally have several series of the last 11 years that I refer back to often!) I just wanted to make sure you […]

  • Simple Energy Techniques(SET) with Steve Wells

    VIDEO FEATURE:   Simple Energy Techniques(SET) with Steve Wells Plus a free pdf report on SET!     Simple Energy Techniques (SET) is a user-friendly emotional healing approach developed by Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake from Australia, which can provid […]

  • Constricted Breathing Technique

    Breath work can be done with clients to prepare them for working with you using EFT or can be done for yourself, to move and shift emotional energy that might be stuck and need to move. Breath is important in […]

  • Brad Yates interview with guest Steve Wells

    Recently, Brad Yates and Steve Wells sat down in this great interview together to talk about "Provacative Energy Techniques" on Brad Yates show "Get Ready".  When 2 brilliant minds come together, expect great information, humour and great lessons to enhanc […]

  • EFT Unplugged – Gillian Small

    Gillian Small is a transformational coach, certified graduate of the National EFT Training Institute and a person with a truly inspiring message to share. As she shares in our interview below, I met Gillian about 5 years ago when s […]

  • [Article] You want me to do WHAT?

    I had a really weird experience this past Thursday.   I, and a colleague, were being interviewed (on zoom) by several people looking at the possibility of launching an EFT/tapping focused online show.  That was great – we had an […]

  • EFT Unplugged – Angelique Benois

    This week I joined Whitby, Ontario psychotherapist Angelique Benois, of for an episode of EFTUnplugged - clinicians and coaches actively using Emotional Freedom Techniques share their experiences. Angelique works with individuals and corporations, offering them emotional health and wellness […]

  • Podcast: Intention Based Tapping with Gene Monterastelli and Steve Wells

    Steve Wells has been combining the power of intention with tapping to achieve deeper healing and longer lasting results . Steve calls his new approach Intention-based Energy Process (IEP) or Intention Tapping for short. In this podcast with Gene Monterastelli, […]

  • [STARTS MONDAY] Gain proven solutions for awesome parenting! Jan 21-27

    The Mindful World Parenting Summit starts on Monday, January 21th [Register for free now!], and tens of thousands will get assistance with effective, mindful parenting! Will you be there? You should be. Because these tried-and-true parenting solutions will help your […]

  • How Encouraging Your “Dark Side” Creates Success with Steve Wells & Dr. Jen Cincurak, ND (inactive)

    Online Podcast: How Encouraging Your “Dark Side” Creates Success with Steve Wells [Ep. 215] with Dr. Jen Cincurak, ND (inactive) Huge thanks goes out to Dr Jen Cincurak ND, who shares this fantastic and insightful podcast with Guest, Steve Wells, presenter […]