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  • Are You Struggling With Overthinking & Rumination?

    Check your anxiety.  If You and your anxiety are elevated then you can’t use your mental energy and  think yourself out of overthinking.

  • Are We Hardwired To Protect Our Hearts?

    Are You Protecting Your Heart?   I recently read some interesting articles about how we are hardwired to shield our hearts.  Keeping our “distance” is like our superpower from experienced pain and perceived future pain (future thinking). It is through acknowledging the pain and putting some attention on our feelings for healing that we are

  • That Hurt! Overcome Hurt & Rebalance

    What if you could release the pain of past hurts without going deep into the trauma? Healing can happen without increasing the feelings of pain!  It really can!  Sometimes we don’t have to go into all the nitty gritty dirty details to release it and heal! Did you know self-awareness is the fastest key to

  • Being Social & Dealing with Infertility

    “It was the anticipation of the questions at the event and the not knowing when or if it would happen caused me great anxiety.”  Kristen  Dealing with a diagnosis of infertility and then trying to survive in a fertile world is daunting.  When I was dealing with my diagnosis I had extreme social anxiety.   The

  • Feeling Off? ​You Only Need One Minute to Reset Your Energy!

    Have you ever just felt off? Like all of a sudden something shifted your energy and not in a good way? This is an emotional response to some stimulus that is perhaps just seeking out your attention to be discharged or for release.  Or perhaps the root of this feeling is from a very trying

  • Lightness of Being

    It's important to find your inward and outward balancing of work/life and all the other daily responsibilities, leaving and re-entering with fresh eyes and energy for a lightness of being.

  • The Ants!

    Seeing black ants crossing your path may indicate that change is ahead. That change might relate to your community. The word “community” here could have several different meanings. It might mean the people who surround you where you live.

  • The Heatwave

    Do you dare to act on your desires? What stops you from taking action?

  • The Shell & The Frog

    Sometimes, simple unexpected interactions can cause a shift. There is something magical when you’re open and can see the never-ending forever present signs of the universe.

  • Settle Into Your Heart

    You are powerful beyond measure and some hurt has taken control of the karaoke mike of your inner chatter and has you believing otherwise.