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Evolving Wellness Blog

  • Fight-Flight-Freeze = Feelings that Heal!

    The feelings of Fight-Flight-Freeze as indicators of HEALING! When confronted with an emotional trigger, do you freeze? Out of the three stress responses (fight, flight or freeze) the freezing gets overlooked.

  • Remain Calm and Be the Bigger Person

    So many times when confronted with a person who is emotionally triggered, even the best of us get rattled. Understanding that it is about their emotional state and stance can be challenging in the heat of the moment with prolonged verbal discharge thrown at you.

  • The Tension Release

    There’s nothing better than uncontrollable, stomach cramping induced laughter.

  • When things get ugly

    When you're confronted with a high-conflict divorce, the only way to overcome the HIGH LEVEL OF THE UGLINESS thrown at you is to be true to you. Because at the end of the day it is your decision to participate in the UGLINESS or not! Hold steadfast to your center and remain grounded…. You are so powerful!

  • Wait, let me straighten your crown!

    During this time, when collectively we are facing such a traumatic change and healing, I ask us all to recognize and straighten one another’s crowns and hold in our heart a grievance-free view of each other. Hold your light and love high while letting your crown bedazzle us all!

  • Can You Be Friends With Your Narcissistic Ex?

    Shifting to a mindset of self care and self understanding is the critical step in decoupling from a NBPD high conflict personality before, during and after the divorce because their behavior won’t change.

  • The Elevator Speech

    When you're trying to conceive, the sense of not having control can increase anxiety, stress and kick up all sorts of other heavier emotions. But here’s the empowering thing… you do have control over your body, your choices and how you react to unsolicited advice or direction.

  • A Practice of Grounding to Combat Uncertainty

    Practicing daily certainty and combatting uncertainty through the strategy of grounding is so important when you're feeling confused, uncertain, overwhelmed, sad and fearful… and also when you’re feeling contagiously happy, content and calm.

  • Say Goodbye to Toxic Energy, People & Situations!

    Are you committed to improving your current life situation?

  • I Had Postpartum Depression and I’m Not Afraid To Admit It

    Postpartum depression is no myth and it comes in several different forms. Sometimes we feel it immediately and other times it comes a little later. Does every mother face it? No. But it’s definitely something worth discussing.