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  • [STARTS MONDAY] Gain proven solutions for awesome parenting! Jan 21-27

    The Mindful World Parenting Summit starts on Monday, January 21th [Register for free now!], and tens of thousands will get assistance with effective, mindful parenting! Will you be there? You should be. Because these tried-and-true parenting solutions will help your […]

  • How Encouraging Your “Dark Side” Creates Success with Steve Wells & Dr. Jen Cincurak, ND (inactive)

    Online Podcast: How Encouraging Your “Dark Side” Creates Success with Steve Wells [Ep. 215] with Dr. Jen Cincurak, ND (inactive) Huge thanks goes out to Dr Jen Cincurak ND, who shares this fantastic and insightful podcast with Guest, Steve Wells, presenter […]

  • Reinventing Yourself: How to Become the Person You’ve Always Wanted To Be

    I like to start each New Year with a reread of this great book by Master Coach Steve Chandler.   One of the metaphors he shares is the idea of the human spirit being like a campfire. Imagine that we’r […]

  • Letter to the Editor, Toronto Star

    From: Nancy Forrester, Executive Director Canada’s National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute ( Date: January 9, 2019 Re: How tapping helped me change my life last year by Susie Moore ( Printed: Sun., Jan. 6, 2019 As a long tim […]

  • Successimonial: Kerry Garnier now Advanced EFT Practitioner!

    It’s hard to put into words the changes I’ve experienced in my process of becoming a certified and accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner NeftTI/AAMET. They have been subtle and yet also very profound. To look at the journey from the outside, […]

  • Christmas came early – and AAMET’s on the NICE list!

    From the desk of Jacqui Footman, Chair, AAMET International A historic moment for EFT: 5 December 2018 For the first time in world history a government agency has officially recommended EFT as worthy of government research funds for trauma/PTSD. We notified […]

  • Becoming an EFT Master Trainer

    Before I discovered EFT and the language of energy psychology, my experience with energy was limited. I had it or I didn’t. I liked some people’s energy; some people liked mine. In my limited experience, energy was like a good […]

  • The Big ‘U’ – How To Use EFT/Tapping for Post Action Anxiety

    There’s a little-known reality in the healing and personal development world that, after a client successfully takes a desired action that was previously impossible for them, there will follow a phase of transformation that I call ‘Post Action Anxiety’. T […]

  • Why I am working with Nancy to offer Conscious EFT™ for Psychotherapy.

      From the Desk of Lynda Rees, You all may be wondering what my personal back story is as to why I am working with Nancy to offer Conscious EFT™ for Psychotherapy. I have been integrating EFT into my Individual, […]

  • Expansion of NeftTI’s learning opportunities and leadership

    It is with enormous awe and pleasure that I share with you an expansion in NeftTI’s learning opportunities and the expansion in NeftTI’s team of leaders. I’m not sure that I’ve ever shared how the concept of a Canadian Nationa […]