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Evolving Wellness Blog

  • Human Connection – How Do You Stay Connected?

    Buddy the Elf had it right when he said “I like smiling, smiling's my favorite”. Smiling happens when we’re happy or in joy.

  • Act On Your Intuition

    Act on your intuition and begin having dialogue in the most appropriate way with yourself and your intuition muscle.

  • Struggling With Anxiety?

    Struggling with your anxiety? Let's plan and declutter! Planning and decluttering helps calm the mind and ease anxiety.

  • Calm From The Inside Out

    There is a shift happening about calming or soothing. It’s not necessarily a great big back study but something that is infusing the consciousness of like-minded individuals. Your heart is the mind regulator. The brain and heart are synced and talk to each other constantly: “Hey Brain, how’s the weather up there!” (that’s what I

  • Jumping Through Hoops!

    Stop jumping through hoops for others is a form of self-love and self-care. The more you protect your energy and consciously contribute, the brighter you'll shine! Don't let your time and shine be taken away!

  • Hello! It’s Self-Love Calling!

    Practicing self love through care and chatting you will love yourself more and then create a feedback loop to nourish yourself through healthy intimacy, activities, and basic needs.

  • Slow Down

    Slow Down: Where do you feel pressured in your life? Where do you feel pressured to rush through your day? What are you feeling? What do you need?

  • That’s Your Shine

    It's important to allow yourself to take up the space you're worthy of and to claim that shine, instead of letting it be diminished or extinguished.

  • Is This Yours?

    Clearing energy that doesn't serve you energetically is a powerful practice. It’s like taking an energetic lint brush and clearing away all the fuzz and stuff!

  • You’re Doing Better Than You Think

    It's important to take a moment and recognize how much you have done and how far you have come.