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Evolving Wellness Blog

  • Community Highlight: Are Your Tire of Putting Yourself Last?

    Highlighted Community Member: Monique Verpoort Women have been socialized to put the well-being of others first - but at what cost? The belief that we need to be there for everyone but ourselves can wreak havoc on our health and […]

  • Practicing Ethical EFT [Heidi Light – Guest Blog]

    Toronto, Canada - June 2019 - by Heidi Light Ethics is a hot topic in every single profession around the globe.  EFT is no different. Where do we draw the lines in our practice? What are the best guidelines for […]

  • Expanding Psychotherapy Horizons

    Last Saturday was a huge milestone for the evolution of Energy Psychology/Emotional Freedom Techniques in Canada. I presented a 3-hour workshop at the annual conference of the Medical Doctor Psychotherapy Association of Canada. The theme of the conference was ‘Expanding […]

  • [Member Post] Sitting in Our Own Chairs

    Featured Member Post:  Nicole Tomingas Our lives are full of so many relationships that we interact with all day, every day. And the moments towards the ends of our lives here on earth are not about money, material possessions, success, […]

  • Every chronic disease we know is exacerbated by stress.

    “Every chronic disease we know is exacerbated by stress.” Dr. Robert Lustig, Emeritus Professor, Pediatric Endocrinology, University of California, San Francisco Author of “The Hacking of the American Mind" This connection between stress and dis-ease in the body is not […]

  • The difference between the regulated and non-regulated Conscious EFT™ Discover trainings

    From Executive Director Nancy Forrester, Let’s hope May brings some spring flowers – enough of those April showers! The National EFT Training Institute is doing 2 Spring trainings in Markham (ON) this year: DISCOVER the POWER of Conscious EFT: OPEN […]

  • Treating the Value Connection: A Method for Treating Bad Habits and Addictive Patterns

    FEATURED ARTICLE When you want to change a bad habit or problem behaviour with tapping, what can you do? Often we start out by tapping on the symptom itself, the thoughts and feeling(s) it causes us, and the consequences it […]

  • Get the entire Tapping World Summit 2019 series and much more!

    Did you catch the entire Tapping World Summit? If not you can still own the entire series! (I personally have several series of the last 11 years that I refer back to often!) I just wanted to make sure you […]

  • Simple Energy Techniques(SET) with Steve Wells

    VIDEO FEATURE:   Simple Energy Techniques(SET) with Steve Wells Plus a free pdf report on SET!     Simple Energy Techniques (SET) is a user-friendly emotional healing approach developed by Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake from Australia, which can provid […]

  • Constricted Breathing Technique

    Breath work can be done with clients to prepare them for working with you using EFT or can be done for yourself, to move and shift emotional energy that might be stuck and need to move. Breath is important in […]