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  • Navigating Coronavirus: Human Wiring Tip – How Opposites Can Work Together Brilliantly

    With Covid-19 measures, like social distancing and stay-home orders, people must modify their work habits to navigate this new reality. That means creating different strategies for getting along. During times of uncertainty, your natural wiring gets amplified especially when you are under stress. In part, the stress can come from how your natural wiring is The post Navigating Coronavirus: Human Wiring Tip – How Opposites Can Work Together Brilliantly appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • How Are You Doing?

    Does it seem a little bit like the world has slowed down these past few weeks? We each have the choice about how we spend or invest our time each and every day. That may sound simplistic, but it really is the truth. You can choose to focus on the news and all the updates,...Read More

  • It Is What Is

    It has been an interesting week, hasn’t it? As a business leader, staying in “what is” versus caught up in the emotional entanglement of what’s happening, can be a challenge. As a leader, it’s important to be Comfortably Uncomfortable. It’s the place you are in when you take action but the action does not produce The post It Is What Is appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Dependable Income

    Are you looking for some ways to have a dependable income no matter what the economy is doing or what’s going on in the world? Let’s be real…there is no such thing as a sure thing and as times change, we have to change with them. That being said, there are things we can do...Read More

  • 3 Steps to Pandemic-Proof Your Business

    In this time of a global concern, many small businesses are scrambling to pandemic-proof their business. The good news is there are things you can do to navigate this unprecedented change. Consider these short-term steps and long-term tactics: Communicate It goes without saying that working through worst-case scenarios before they actually happen is the best The post 3 Steps to Pandemic-Proof Your Business appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • What Does It All Mean…And What Are YOU Doing?

    Does it feel a little bit like the whole world has turned upside down and gone a little crazy? And, that it happened overnight… Things change, we all know that – sometimes quicker than others. Talking to colleagues, clients and friends for the last week or so has been both enlightening and interesting to say...Read More

  • Notice When You Say These 7 Words That Hold You Back

    Imagine a stone falls into the water. There’s a ripple. Without water, what happens? No ripple. A thump. With water, the stone causes the water to move. The water carries the leaves. The leaves drift ashore. The seeds on the leaves sprout new growth. If the stone could talk knowing that she had a hand The post Notice When You Say These 7 Words That Hold You Back appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Is More Really Better?

    Are you constantly pushing yourself to do more…better…harder…faster…MORE, MORE, MORE?? As business owners and entrepreneurs, we’re always striving to make more of an impact, to make more money, to be more productive and so on…that’s normal. And, not what I’m talking about here… Are you working so hard you’re always tired? Falling out (or off...Read More

  • Let’s Create Your Signature Program

    Isn’t it fascinating that your signature is like no others? It’s unique to you. You don’t need to even think about. You see the signature line, pick up your pen, and sign your name. Your signature: • Distinguishes you from anyone else • Symbolizes your identity • Represents your mark in the world • Opens The post Let’s Create Your Signature Program appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • 3 Easy Steps To Developing Online Course

    Do you have a course sitting in your computer…or on your mind…that you haven’t finished? Does it take you months and months to complete and finish courses? It doesn’t have to be so hard! Here are 3 simple, easy steps to develop courses… Were those 3 steps helpful? It really is that easy. You can...Read More

  • 5 Biggest Misconceptions of What Purpose Means in an Organization

    Purpose is everywhere. It became a buzz word already. I am so happy that we finally talk about what it means in life and at work. As I do Purpose work in companies, I see many misconceptions of what it means to be a Purpose-Driven Organization though. In this article I want to share what it is not: It is not a beautiful sentence that a leader creates to frame and hang on the wall that will never be seen or revisited again. It is not a marketing tool. It is not a lofty ideal. It is not a goal. It

  • Continuity…A Case History

    Do you fully understand the power of continuity income in your business? Would you like to start each month knowing you had $8,000, $20,000, $83,000 or more coming in that month and every month after that…money you could depend on and didn’t have to resell anything to get? Discover how you can… Continuity is alive...Read More

  • Top 5 Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make And How To Avoid Them!

    I was invited to be a part of the Canadian Authors Association panel discussion on self-published books as the marketing expert. Since I spend a great deal of my time in marketing, PR and the promotion of books and authors, I was thrilled to impart some of my wisdom with the eager audience. As the

  • Gaining Independence

    When you think of wanting more independence in your life, what do you think of? Maybe you think of being more independent in relationships, like having more freedom to do things on your own. Maybe you think of being less dependent on certain things, like not needing to drink so much coffee in order to

  • 7 Steps To Being Found in Google

    How to Leverage Your Unique Selling Proposition One of the first questions I get is how do we rise to the top of Google and make an impact. The easy answer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), however all the SEO in the world can’t convert for you once they get to your website. You need

  • What Richard Branson, Donald Trump, and Oprah Winfrey have in Common

    What these 3 amazing people have in common is they understand the value of being a brand Branding has been around since the dawn of man. Whether you were bartering your services and trading a chicken for a goat, the more someone knew what you were good at and stood for, the easier it was

  • Great books I loved in 2019

    I wrote this in January but somehow did not post it on time. Before the new year is over 😊, I decided to share. I am one of those people who want to read books all day, every day, who has a list of another 30-40 to buy, while 10 of them are already piled up next to her bed. I know many of you in my circle can relate to that. I love it when people recommend good books, so I want to do the same for others like me. Here are a few of the books I enjoyed in 2019 in no particular order:Leadership,

  • Profound Statements and Invitation

    These three statements: “You just saved my marriage!” ” I have a whole new level of possibility with how to service my clients and contribute and support people…and fulfill on it all by having me be me!”  “Great to understand the difference between what I am hardwired to do and what I’ve done to get ahead! Know the difference.” The post Profound Statements and Invitation appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Be Bold

    What have you done lately to be bold…in your life or in your business? Not some big, crazy, outrageous thing necessarily (although that’s great to if you want to go big and bold)… When was the last time you did something different, that was BOLD and made you stand out a little more than usual?...Read More

  • Company Culture: What Are The Unwritten Rules?

    Would you dress or act the same way to attend the Master’s Golf Tournament as you would to attend a hockey game? Although both are sporting events, they have their own set of unwritten rules that influence social norms, like how you behave and dress at these events. Newcomers to these events are expected to The post Company Culture: What Are The Unwritten Rules? appeared first on Excellerate Associates.