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  • How Is Your Company Distinct?

    Difference between Differentiating or Distinguishing Differentiation is the action or process of differentiating. There are many ways to separate out your company through products, services, channels, relationships, reputations, prices, even packaging can be a source of product differentiation. The struggle many business professionals have with product differentiation is that it is often short-lived. Many product The post How Is Your Company Distinct? appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • When Not Everyone Agrees

    Facts are facts. They can’t be disputed. They aren’t opinion… they’re facts. So, what happens in your business when not everyone agrees? We all have biases, points of views, and points to view that we bring to every situation… even business. So many times, we want every answer to be absolute. The answer is almost...Read More

  • What’s Your Company’s Signature Advantage?

    As a business professional, you know that, unless you create distinction from your competitor, you’ll get lumped into a box, like you sell consultancy services, sell insurance, or manufacture a product. You might also know that unless you can show what makes your product or services distinct, there is little inspiring reason for them to The post What’s Your Company’s Signature Advantage? appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • How To Change Your Business As You Move Forward

    Have you ever wondered if you should change your business or your business structure? Why would you even want to? Maybe because we’re in a state of flux in the world today… If your business is growing and life is good, that’s great. If your business or industry has been hit hard and you’re not...Read More

  • Inappropriate Reactions

    Think back to the last time you reacted inappropriately. This could be anything. Yelling at the kids. Closing down and not saying what you need to say. Telling a person off for something you don’t approve of . It’s important to know it doesn’t matter ‘what’ you did. What matters is being aware of what’s

  • Look Beyond The Ugly

    Yay! We’re doing the happy dance for earning the Mentorship Award by the Evolutionary Business Council! It gives me great joy to be acknowledged for our work in the world especially when it is given by an international organization and recognized around the world. While we’re doing the happy dance for all of the acknowledgements The post Look Beyond The Ugly appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • The Questions They Aren’t Asking…

    This week has been the week I meet individually one-on-one with all my coaching clients. One of the things that came up in a few conversations was the idea that to discover what content to put out to your clients is to see what questions they’re asking and answer them. Pretty simple, right? I challenged...Read More

  • Honoring Others

    As you know, the economy is met with unprecedented change. It often feels like a free fall into unknown territory but your human wiring actual reveals how you pilot change. With insights into your innate wiring, you, as a leader, can discover how to stay consistently motivated regardless of the circumstances. And, when you become The post Honoring Others appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Are You A Lone Wolf?

    Do you sometimes feel like a lone wolf in your business? In your life? Sometimes you need that. Most of the time you don’t. Lone wolves starve to death. Without their pack to protect them and help them. You may not starve to death literally. But, trying to do everything yourself will ultimately cost you...Read More

  • How Are You Hardwired?

    Did you know that the source of your stress can be related to your innate human wiring? As I mentioned last week, human wiring tells us how people are best engaged in decision making, why some people want lots of information to make an effective decision, and yet others want only the critical points of The post How Are You Hardwired? appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • 3 Days Left…

    January is almost over. I know you can see that simply by looking at the calendar. But do you really get it? That means 1/12 of the year is over. Time you can’t get back. Are you 1/12 of the way to your 2021 goals? What have you gotten done? Accomplished? Completed? You have to...Read More

  • Human Wiring: A Key Phrase to Use to Navigate Your Need for Certainty in an Uncertain World

    Many of the core issues that face business leaders today have to do with people interactions. There are all sorts of characteristics and attributes that shape us and our interactions with others. One of the interesting aspects is our unique human wiring pattern. We all have a human wiring pattern and some traits are more The post Human Wiring: A Key Phrase to Use to Navigate Your Need for Certainty in an Uncertain World appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Done Is Better Than Perfect…Or Is It?

    Ever heard the phrase “done is better than perfect”? Ever thought about its context or whether it’s really true or not? Done is better than perfect is meant to get the procrastinator, the overthinker, the person who keeps going back and changing one little thing over and over again and never puts the product or...Read More

  • Human Wiring: Enrolling Someone in An Idea, Product, or Service

    At some point in your career, you’re selling something. You sell an idea, a product, or a service. Whether you’ve been in sales for a long time or have never sold, the key to enrolling someone in that idea, product or service is easy when you understand what’s underneath engaging them. Human Wiring and Enrolling The post Human Wiring: Enrolling Someone in An Idea, Product, or Service appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Deal or No Deal From The Sharks…

    As you may have seen last week, my friend and business associate Fran Harris was on Shark Tank. I’ve watched a lot of episodes of the Tank and it’s rare to see what I saw Friday night. Many times, I’m shocked at the easy questions contestants get stumped by, the things they don’t know and...Read More

  • How Questions Open Up New Opportunities

    Much of a professional’s day is spent asking for information, requesting status updates, or questioning for understanding. Questions can do more than measure what someone knows. Asking Questions is a Powerful Tool Asking questions is a powerful tool for unlocking potential, discovering personal barriers, and uncovering opportunities. For some people, questioning comes easily. Yet, most The post How Questions Open Up New Opportunities appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Block Out Your Fears…

    If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed I’ve been talking about the Netflix series I watched during the holidays. It’s called “All American” and it moved me in ways I can’t remember being moved in a very long time. In sports, and in business, we talk a lot about keys to...Read More

  • If 2020 Taught Me Anything, It’s This.

    If 2020 taught me anything, it is this: The power of being unattached. Unattached to my version of what something should look like. Unattached to a timeframe. Unattached to what may unfold. Unattached my viewpoint. I’m not talking about being disconnected, rather the distinction of being independent of the outcome. Sometimes we get so wrapped The post If 2020 Taught Me Anything, It’s This. appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • I Hate To Tell You This…

    The last newsletter of 2020… … that’s not the news I hate to tell you though! The news you don’t want to hear is that NOTHING magical is going to happen at midnight tonight! I’ve been hearing talk about how they will be glad when 2020 is over. Or when we can put this year...Read More

  • Holiday Gift

    In case you missed it last week, I have a gift for you! From what I’ve been hearing, you might be finding it challenging to expand what’s possible for 2021. I’m not talking about pushing through or working harder. I’m talking about creating a new level of freedom and ease around the contribution your work The post Holiday Gift appeared first on Excellerate Associates.