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  • Your Signature

    Your signature is like no others. It’s unique to you. You don’t need to even think about. You see the signature line, pick up your pen, and sign your name. Your signature: • Distinguishes you from anyone else • Symbolizes your identity • Represents your mark in the world • Opens doors (quite literally if […] The post Your Signature appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • Happy Valentine’s Day…

    We are already halfway through February! (I know, I have a gift for the obvious, right?) There’s no big business lesson or words of wisdom here today – just a wish for you to do something special for YOU today. You don’t have to have a mate or partner to enjoy the day of love....Read Mor […]

  • Leadership Lessons: The Delay Factor

    What do late flights, construction change order requests, or new products that don’t get delivered as promised have in common? Delays. The delays have a cost. Delays can cost you more than a hit to your bottom line. Delays can tarnish your brand reputation and customer loyalty, experience, and satisfaction. Some circumstances are unexpected, like […] The post Leadership Lessons: The Delay Factor appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • Everybody Can’t Be A Leader…Or Can They?

    We’ve been told there are leaders and there are followers, but aren’t we all leaders in our own right – in some way, shape or form? And, as a business owner, doesn’t that, by its very nature, mean that you are a leader? Did you ever consider that you might be by a leader and...Read Mor […]

  • Distinguishing Your Company in the Marketplace

    It’s easy to race to the bottom. You discount your rate, cut corners, and become a commodity. As New York Times Bestselling Author Seth Godin says, “…the problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win. You might make a few more bucks for now, but not for long and not with […] The post Distinguishing Your Company in the Marketplace appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • One Month In…

    Tomorrow will be the first of February…that means the first 31 days of 2019 will be gone and you can never get them back. Not one single second of any day. Take a minute now and ask yourself… Have you been productive (as productive as you want to be)? Are you 1/12 of the way...Read Mor […]

  • Goals: Turn It Around

    When the pressure is high and things may not be going well, getting your team on track can be tricky. Being silent, assigning blame, or barking out orders never works. It makes a bad situation worse. Early in my career, I was hired into a position where the division was last in employee engagement, everyone […] The post Goals: Turn It Around appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • You Don’t Need Accountability…Do You?

    Why do we have teachers instead of learning what we need to learn on our own? Why do we have tests instead of just learning and going to the next thing? Why do we have bosses when we have jobs? The answer to all those questions is simple… …Accountability! For most of us, even us...Read Mor […]

  • Level Up: Do Your Goals Have That Inspiring Mojo?

    Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired millions into action with his I have a Dream Speech. He enrolled others in an idea, he spoke into a future, and painted a picture with his words. He declared a future that, at the time, seemed impossible. His goals had that inspiring mojo. Business leaders can learn a lot […] The post Level Up: Do Your Goals Have That Inspiring Mojo? appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • Live Event Success Secrets

    Do you host live events in your business? Do you want to? If you do… Discover… How to maximize your profits from live events Secrets to hotel negotiation that has them writing you a check at the end of your event 5 guaranteed ways to make money from your event recordings How to make 6...Read Mor […]

  • Level Up: Nurture Your Networking

    Your instinct is to stay in your own comfort zone by networking with people who are equally successful. If you want to achieve higher levels of success, it is imperative to surround yourself with people who are a level up influencer. When you surround yourself with others who are highly successful, you’re in a position […] The post Level Up: Nurture Your Networking appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • Your Word of the Year…Part 2

    I got some feedback on last week’s message about the word of the year so I wanted to add some things so you fully get the point of what I was trying to convey… As all things in your life and your business, if you find things work for you then do them and keep...Read Mor […]

  • Interested or Committed?

    American Author, Kenneth Blanchard wrote, “When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” His words are profound. When goal setting (as many people do at the beginning of the year), this quote prompts the question, are you interested or […] The post Interested or Committed? appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • Word

    It seems like everywhere I turn these days everyone is talking about or asking what your word is for the New Year. Do you choose a word for the year? I have done this in the past, but like most things we do for a year, it starts to lose its impact because we lose...Read Mor […]

  • The Essential Landing Page Checklist


  • Celebrating 2018

    I don’t know about you but it feels like this last year as flown by. It seems like just last month I got the keys to my new building, dubbed the Business Innovation Lab, when it was really last December! Since that time, we renovated the property, collaborated with our sponsor-partners, opened our doors for […] The post Celebrating 2018 appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • The Holiday Season

    It’s not even 2019 and my new word for 2019, magnificent, is showing up! If you missed last week’s blog, What’s Your Word for 2019, check it out. I had someone read the article and take inspired action on her word, connection, to reach out and connect with others. How’s that for instant results? Speaking […] The post The Holiday Season appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • Lessons & Words

    This is a fun time of the year to be a business owner and to watch what people do and don’t do. For example, are you taking time during the last 2 weeks of the year to plan for 2019, or are you taking some time off to be with friends and family? You might...Read Mor […]

  • What’s Your Word for 2019?

    A lot can change in 12 months. Last December, I wrote a blog about one of my mastermind partner’s yearly practices where she selects a word for the year. She uses this word as a context for what she creates in her life and business. As soon as she shared her practice, a scene from […] The post What’s Your Word for 2019? appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • Left Foot, Right Foot…Breathe

    You may or may not know that I got my Master’s degree from the University of Tennessee and I am a huge fan of the late Pat Summit. Left Foot, Right Foot, Breathe…Repeat is a saying she made popular. What does it mean? In life, and in business, if you will simply take one step...Read Mor […]