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  • Human Wiring: Are You Being A Silent Partner?

    At some point in our lives, we’ve all done it. We become silent. In this case, I don’t mean a silent partner of the investment kind. You become a silent partner by withholding communication. Perhaps you: • Don’t know what to say or how to say it • Don’t have an update • Are embarrassed […] The post Human Wiring: Are You Being A Silent Partner? appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • Success…What Is It Really?

    What does success, being successful, mean to YOU? That’s all that really matters…is what it means to you. Not what it means to your competitors, your clients, to family members or to the world at large… What does success mean, and look like, to YOU? Success, no matter how you specifically define it, is living...Read Mor […]

  • Shifting Your Company’s Culture

    We’ve been having insightful conversations with business owners about company culture. When you look around with how things get done, the way goals are achieved, the communication patterns, and the breakdowns, you have an opportunity to innovate, respond, or enhance. There are many reasons why understanding culture is important. When you explore your company’s culture, […] The post Shifting Your Company’s Culture appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • What Are You Known For?

    What are you known for in your business? That might be a harder question to answer than what do you stand for, but it’s an important question for you to be able to answer. And, it’s even more important that your clients and prospects know you for something… Has what you’re known for change or...Read Mor […]

  • Your Contribution and It’s Ripple Effect

    With each moment, you have an opportunity to express yourself, provide leadership, and make a powerful contribution in the world. Your contribution, that is the result of your body of work, has a ripple effect in the world. Your contribution can make a profound difference in a person’s life. Every day you don’t share it […] The post Your Contribution and It’s Ripple Effect appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • Lessons From The Pelicans

    One of the areas I like to go to when I go to the Cocoa Beach area of Florida is to Port Canaveral. There are good restaurants, cruise ships leave from here, local fishing charters are there and so much more. On my last trip, I had just finished dinner at one of my favorite...Read Mor […]

  • Leadership, Strategy, and Alignment

    Many business owners today know that their company should be aligned. They also know that their infrastructure should be arranged to support the company’s purpose, including their organizational processes, team resources, and business management systems. While business owners know that their company should be aligned, research suggests that more than 35% of organizations operate without […] The post Leadership, Strategy, and Alignment appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • You & Your Team

    As much as we all need time alone and hours of quiet to be productive (you know, those times when you have to swim alone), we also need a great team around us to maximize our potential as business owners. Sometimes, it might look at feel like we’re swimming alone, but our support team is...Read Mor […]

  • Networking Practices: Make the Most of Your Next Networking Event

    Have you ever considered how much of your time is spent networking? 1 hour a week?  3 hours a week?  5 or more hours a week? If you invest that much of your valuable time in an activity, what’s your strategy? Successful networkers know that a well-thought out strategy brings the strongest return.  However, many […] The post Networking Practices: Make the Most of Your Next Networking Event appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • Working Alone

    Bill Glazer used to say being an entrepreneur was the “loneliest job in the world.”  Many days, I agree. I was reminded of Bill’s quote as I walked on the beach, while I was in Florida. I observed animals both in groups and in solitude. Today, I want to address the ones that were alone...Read Mor […]

  • Systems Thinking

    When I spoke to a group of CEO’s, I asked them what comes to mind when I say the word systems. There was a range of looks, reactions, and thoughts. Some business owners looked like they just ate a lemon and some responded with: Systems give you freedom Systems are processes Systems create efficiencies For […] The post Systems Thinking appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • Rest & Rejuvenation…Critical Part of Business

    Sometimes you have to take a step away to really rest…as in do nothing. No schedule to keep, no appointments, no plans, just nothing. Just time. Time to do what you want, to rest and to give your brain time to just be. If you have kids, especially young ones, it’s harder to do, takes...Read Mor […]

  • Holidays and Hope

    Today in the United States we celebrate Independence Day. It’s a day to celebrate freedom, independence, and hope. And, sometimes life can throw a curve ball, like an unexpected health challenge, business challenge, or other circumstance that can leave you feeling a bit melancholy. So, how do you stand in hope when you’re facing a […] The post Holidays and Hope appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • 6 Tips for Creating Capacity

    Have you ever completed your day only to ask, “what did I really accomplish today?”  When I first got started in business, I had days where it felt like I was putting out fires and days where I felt like I got something accomplished.  Quite frankly, there were times where I couldn’t absorb any more. However, there […] The post 6 Tips for Creating Capacity appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • Your Business Seasons

    Growing up on a working farm teaches you a lot can be applied to business (if you just look and listen…but almost nobody grows up on a farm anymore). For example, all farmers and gardeners know you have to prepare the land before you plant the seed, and you have to plant the seed before...Read Mor […]

  • Human Wiring Lesson: Don’t Put a Generalist in a Specialist Position

    Ask any business owner about their top challenges and you’ll usually find hiring and retaining good employees at the top of their list. Let’s face it, hiring exceptional talent can be tricky. It’s important to have a well-formulated process, including assessing the candidate’s fit, checking references, identifying the culture fit, and onboarding. These are the […] The post Human Wiring Lesson: Don’t Put a Generalist in a Specialist Position appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • What’s The Point Anyway?

    Marketing, webinars, live events, emails, funnels, sales, team, strategy, merchant account, CRM, joint ventures, affiliates, accounting, speaking, social media, clients… And, the list goes on and on. What is it? Just a short list of all the things you have to think about when you own your own business.  It really could be a lot...Read Mor […]

  • Distinguishing Your Company

    If you have been trying to figure out how to explain your offerings succinctly and distinctly, I invite you to the Create Your Signature Program Workshop happening Thursday and Friday, June 27-28, 2019. Create Your Signature Program is a two-day practicum that moves you from thinking about how all of your programs and services come […] The post Distinguishing Your Company appeared first on Excellerate Associates. […]

  • What Is Marketing Really?

    Marketing sometimes gets a bad rap… People will say things like “it’s yucky” or “it makes me feel dirty” and the list goes on and on. If that’s true for you, then what you’re experiencing is Not Marketing – at least not marketing done the way it should be. Marketing can be defined in many...Read Mor […]

  • The Marketing Triangle – Part 4, The Wrap Up

    The Marketing Triangle is a 3-Step Formula. The good news is it’s not a recipe that has to be followed exactly. BUT, you do HAVE to include all 3 Parts and they have to all line up in order for the formula to work properly. In Other Words…if you get 2 out of 3 right,...Read Mor […]