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  • The Value of Completion

    If you have ever been on the receiving end of ghosting, it left you will many questions. What went wrong? What happened? What’s going on? According to Psychology Today, ghosting is abruptly ending communication with someone without explanation. While some people believe it’s a way of coping with decision fatigue others believe that ghosting is The post The Value of Completion appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • The Books I Enjoyed the Most in 2022

    Original already published at https://www.bizcatalyst360.com/the-books-that-i-enjoyed-the-most-in-2022/ Your Stories Don’t Define You,...

  • Message to Millions – M2M – Trademark
  • Leadership: Managing Multiple Commitments

    Meeting your multiple commitments with ease, can seem impossible. Ask anyone how they are doing. What is the typical answer? I’m so busy. We all have full lives that can, at times, collide: ⋙ Managing your business (or several of them) or career ⋙ Attending family events ⋙ Focusing on self-care activities, like exercise So, The post Leadership: Managing Multiple Commitments appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • A Cane? Did She Really Say Use A Cane?

    During my second visit in only 10 days, to the Orthopedic Surgeon’s office, last week, the PA looked at me and said “have you considered a cane”? I’m 59, not 89… To say I was a little less than open to the idea would be an understatement (a major one)! At the time my knee...Read More

  • Singles Handbook to Surviving Valentine’s Day On Your Own

    Twelve Things You Definitely Can Do Alone to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Happy Valentines Day – even if it’s not – there’s hope! I am completely blessed to have been happily married for 27 years – but I understand there are many out there who will be alone today – who aren’t heading out for that The post Singles Handbook to Surviving Valentine’s Day On Your Own first appeared on Tracy Repchuk.

  • Do Your Goals Have That Inspiring Mojo?

    Inspiring others and enrolling them in something bigger is a skill. It’s a skill that every leader needs but not every leader has. One leader that had that skill of enrolling others was Martin Luther King, Jr. He inspired millions into action with his I have a Dream speech. He enrolled others in an idea, The post Do Your Goals Have That Inspiring Mojo? appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • When It Matters More…

    As I was watching a couple of the NFL playoff games this weekend it struck me that these are usually some of the best games of the season. As I thought about it and started to wonder why these games are usually close and really good games. All the games in a season matter.  The...Read More

  • Leadership, Goals and 3 Essential Steps to Turn Around Your Company

    When the pressure is high and things may not be going well, getting your team on track can be tricky. Being silent, assigning blame, or barking out orders never works. It makes a bad situation worse. Early in my career, I was hired into a position where the division was last in employee engagement, everyone The post Leadership, Goals and 3 Essential Steps to Turn Around Your Company appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Quitting… It Didn’t Work

    It makes me sad when I hear people say they couldn’t make their businesses work. Even more sad to me is when they talk about how they invested in so many courses and programs and maybe even coaching but it “didn’t work.” These people are frustrated, confused, upset and many times, defeated. And for the...Read More

  • The Art and System of Goal Achievement

    As we start 2023… • Have you thought about the impact you want your company to have in the next three years? • Have you clearly articulated the monthly and quarterly benchmarks to your team? • Do you have a way to hold your team accountable? • Do you know what you want to achieve The post The Art and System of Goal Achievement appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • The “Jordan Year”

    Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. He was named the NCAA College Player of the Year in 1983 and 1984. He received Rookie of the Year in the NBA in 1985. He was the 3rd overall pick by the Chicago Bulls in 1984. Michael Jordan was one of the best basketball...Read More

  • Happy New Year

    In the spirit of celebrating the holiday season, we’ll be open by appointment only on Friday, December 30, 2022, closed on Monday, January 2, 2023, and returning Tuesday, January 3, 2023. Speaking of 2023… I’m looking forward to: Starting fresh. Being newly inspired. Abundant opportunities. How about you? The post Happy New Year appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Gratitude This Holiday Season

    Happy Holiday Season! As we complete another year, I want to express my gratitude to you. Thank you for our connection in person or online. Thank you for your interest in this work. Thank you for your referrals, interactions, and commitment to continuous development. Your ongoing support inspires both my team and me each and The post Gratitude This Holiday Season appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Is It Relevant?

     There was a word. The word was so powerful it changed consumer behavior. Nobody even questioned the process that contained this word. What was that word? Repeat. If you read Benjamin Cheever’s book, The Plagiarist, a marketing executive becomes an overnight success by simply adding the word repeat to shampoo instructions: Shampoo, rinse, repeat. The post Is It Relevant? appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • See You In The New Year!

    I don’t think I’ve ever done this before, but I’m taking the next 2 weeks off from writing the newsletter. Every Thursday for as long as I can remember something has gone out from me at 10am Eastern time. A tip. Content. A note. A message of some kind. And I’ll be back with you...Read More

  • What Does It Really Mean to Create a Sustainable Business?

    If leaders learned anything during the pandemic, it’s the importance of intentionally creating a sustainable business. A company that can innovate, shift quickly, and creatively meet competing priorities won’t be a luxury, it will be a necessity. As we welcome a new year, consider asking yourself: What does creating a sustainable company look like? A The post What Does It Really Mean to Create a Sustainable Business? appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • The MOST Fun!

    I’m spending the week with a little one… and I’m not sure who’s having more fun. Him or me! Six days of bliss… smiles… laughter… play… and love! It’s amazing how many lessons you can learn from a 17-month-old. The pure joy in everything he does. Whether for the first time or for the hundredth...Read More

  • Using Leverage for Next-Level Business Growth

    Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I get my business to the next level?” To answer that question, many people believe that they need a big budget or should purchase expensive equipment. This may not necessarily be the case. The truth is for many businesses you don’t need a bigger budget. You may not The post Using Leverage for Next-Level Business Growth appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • 30 Days…

    What can you accomplish in 30 days? A lot… A little… Almost nothing… The answer really depends on YOU! December 1st! The first day of the last month of this year. You can choose to sit back and watch the next 30 days go by… or you can plan and prepare so on January 2nd,...Read More