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  • Progress

    Wow! 2020 is starting off with so much magnificent progress. Business Innovation Lab – CoWorking and Conference Update Last week, I mentioned that we decided to expand The Business Innovation Lab’s Coworking into Suite 4. You can see from the picture above four more offices that are taking shape. It’s exciting to watch the space The post Progress appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • The BIG Comeback…

    If you’ve been around for a while you know I am a BIG sports fan. What you may not know is that I love playoff football season. As a matter of fact, this is one of my most favorite times of the year. This past weekend provided some great games, and one in particular that...Read More

  • Happy 2020!

    Happy 2020! Wow! This year has started out with so many activities! All of the seeds my team and I planted in 2019 are already starting to sprout early! Next week I’ll be catching a plane to San Antonio, Texas where I’ll be speaking to a group of contribution-conscious business owners. I’m also really looking The post Happy 2020! appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • What Are Your P.L.A.N.S.?

    Happy New Year!  By now, you’ve had almost a full week of back at it and I hope the new year has you feeling fresh and renewed and ready for an amazing year of fresh, new things that take you where you want to go…and beyond. The foundation of your business, like the foundation of...Read More

  • Have a Joyous Holiday Season

    Thank you for making us part of your life. Whether you attended one of our events, joined a mentoring group, invited us to train your leadership team or utilized our coworking or conference facilities, I appreciate you. I also want to take this time to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Festive The post Have a Joyous Holiday Season appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Being a Generous Giver and Excellent Receiver

    As I wrote last week, it’s the season for giving. Giving can be simple yet profound, like answering a question, providing direction, or listening with a non-judgmental ear. Giving is also an integral part of creating reciprocity in life and in business. Being a generous giver is important and so is being an excellent receiver. The post Being a Generous Giver and Excellent Receiver appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Rapid Profit Acceleration…Is It For You?

    Not an influx of cash, not a short-term solution…Rapid PROFIT Acceleration! Great way to start 2020… Interested? Slow is painful and hard! Fast is FUN! There are no cookie-cutter answers to how to have accelerate your profits…I’d have to know about your business but there are ALWAYS ways to increase profits quickly…Always. Sometimes, you can’t...Read More

  • Giving: Simple Yet Profound

    Tis the season for giving. There are many ways to give. We sometimes think we need to give tangible gifts. Yet, giving can be simple yet profound. While attending a networking event, a colleague struggled with finding an ideal candidate for an opening. As she was open for suggestions, I gave her tried-and-true tips for The post Giving: Simple Yet Profound appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • How To Be More Inclusive As A Business Owner

    Diversity and Inclusion have become sort of the new buzz words. But you might think of them as being words and concepts that are only applicable to big businesses. On the contrary, there are a lot of ways, for you and me to increase the diversity and inclusion in our businesses as well… Why is...Read More

  • Wired to Win 101 Deadline and Year End Checklist

    Before I share my year-end checklist, I wanted to remind you that the deadline for the Friday, December 13, 2019 Wired to Win 101: How Are You Hardwired Workshop is this Friday, December 6. Learning about your ideal work environments and communication styles is a lot of fun but that’s not the only value-added reason The post Wired to Win 101 Deadline and Year End Checklist appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • 26 Days…What Will You Do With Them?

    2020 is coming!  The New Year is only 26 days away… Are you ready for the New Year, the new decade? What do you want your life and your business to look like one year from today? It’s IMPORTANT!! What has to happen for 12 months from today for you to say, 2020 was a...Read More

  • Grateful

    Happy Thanksgiving! What I enjoy about the Thanksgiving holiday is that it provides an opportunity to give thanks. I’ve found that gratitude sparks ideas, opportunities, and pathways. It amplifies, acknowledges and appreciates the positive. Thank you for the contribution you are in the world. I wish you and yours abundant blessings this Thanksgiving and holiday season. The post Grateful appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • So, What is Company Culture and How Does Human Wiring Influence It?

    A company culture is a system of shared vision, purpose, values, assumptions, and beliefs. It’s also a set of unwritten rules that influence social norms. Newcomers are often expected to learn these unwritten rules. They often learn what is acceptable or not by observing the protocols or through others in the company. Company culture can The post So, What is Company Culture and How Does Human Wiring Influence It? appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Setting Expectations In Your Business…

    Do your prospects, customers and clients know what to expect when they do business with you? Or…is it a crap shoot of confusion…and maybe even some disappointment? When you set the expectations of what will happen when people do business with you, and even how people can do business with you, your business will run...Read More

  • Human Wiring Lesson: Your Biological Response to a No When Selling

    If you’re in business, you need people: People to be clients or people to be on your team. You are also selling something whether it is an idea, a product, or a service. When you’re selling, hearing a no in sales can stop some people in their tracks or motivate others. As a business professional, The post Human Wiring Lesson: Your Biological Response to a No When Selling appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Does Your Business Grow Or Shrink During “Holiday Season”

    Do you hear yourself saying things like “I can’t market during the holidays,” or “my business is slow during the holidays,” or “everybody takes off the week of Christmas and New Year’s?” Are you surprised to see the new year has arrived each year and feel like you’re not ready for it or are you...Read More

  • Remember Human Wiring When Implementing Meeting Ground Rules

    When you join a team, you might assume that others think the way you do. If you’ve been part of any team, you’ll find out pretty quickly that is not the case. If you want your team to be productive, you not only need to have ground rules (or meeting norms, principles of play, or The post Remember Human Wiring When Implementing Meeting Ground Rules appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • The Biggest Mistake Coaches Make

    We’re well into the first morning of Plan, Grow & Succeed at the Smoke Rise Country Club in Atlanta as you are getting this. The coaching/expert industry has grown a lot in the last few years – there seems like now you can find a “coach” for just about anything and it also seems like...Read More

  • The 3 M’s of Business Success

    Happy Halloween!! Some people think of marketing as spooky and mysterious and as something to avoid. It’s not…and it is something you have to do in your business to succeed. What if I told you there were just 3 simple things that will not only make your marketing easier, but when you get them right...Read More

  • The Science of Social Media