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  • Human Wiring Lesson: When Higher Certainty Collides With Lower Certainty

    There are interesting aspects of everyone’s unique wiring pattern. If you’ve been to any of our classes, then you’re aware that some human wiring traits are more predominant than others. Your wiring influences how you navigate changes, your daily communication, and how you get results in all aspects of your life and business. Your Information The post Human Wiring Lesson: When Higher Certainty Collides With Lower Certainty appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Want To Make More? One Simple Thing… Guaranteed!

    Want more clients? Want to make more money? One word… C-L-A-R-I-T-Y! People follow people who are clear in their vision, mission and purpose. Money follows clarity. Think about it… Isn’t it easier to invest and spend money when you know what you’re buying? AND in certain situations, all you have to know is the vision...Read More

  • Books I Enjoyed the Most in 2021

    Since 2018 I have been sharing the books I enjoyed reading. (You can find 2018, 2019, 2020 books at these links since they are timeless...

  • Keep This In Mind When Communicating Organizational Change

    If there is one thing that is constant today, it is that the business landscape is in a perpetual state of flux. Some changes can occur more jarring than others, like returning your workforce to the workplace after being homeshored, the unexpected resignation of multiple employees, or the crash of your computer systems right before The post Keep This In Mind When Communicating Organizational Change appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Stuck?

    I often write notes during presentations, while reading books, and other things I attend or see. I was looking back through some of them this weekend and found this quote… “You’re not stuck because you can’t… You’re stuck because you won’t!” That sounds like something I would say. Which is I’m sure why I jotted...Read More

  • The Cloud of Ambiguity

    Kristi, one of my clients from over a decade ago, described a time where her smiles were depleted and she dragged from one day to the next without purpose. She couldn’t explain this cycle she was in, only that she felt in a slump. She was in her Cloud of Ambiguity. The Cloud of Ambiguity The post The Cloud of Ambiguity appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Expect Great Things!

    It was the first Sunday of the new year. It was raining and wet and we were under a flood warning. Gosh, I didn’t want to get out in that mess… so I decided to “attend” church via livestream… I didn’t even bother to get out of bed. I was laying there with my eyes...Read More

  • Leaders Ask Questions

    Much of a professional’s day is spent asking for information, requesting status updates, or questioning for understanding. Questions can do more than measure what someone knows. Asking questions is a powerful tool for unlocking potential, discovering personal barriers, and uncovering opportunities. For some people, questioning comes easily. Yet, most don’t ask enough questions, ask questions The post Leaders Ask Questions appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Something Very Unusual Happened…

    I did something I almost never do… I took the last two weeks of the year off. Not entirely, I did a few phone calls and answered emails but that was about it. I watched movies. I read. I spent time with some of the most special people in my life. I slept. I rested....Read More

  • Holiday Season

                I hope you and yours have a festive, peaceful, and healthy holiday season! Create a great life, Lisa Mininni President, Excellerate Associates Founder, Business Innovation Lab CoWorking & Conference Center The post Holiday Season appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • 6 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Company’s Culture

    Imagine you walk up to a hostess stand at a restaurant, she looks at you, and you notice that she’s on the phone. You wait. She gets off the phone and continues to look down at the computer. You stand there looking around waiting patiently for her to look up again to let her know The post 6 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Company’s Culture appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • How People Buy… It’s Not How You Might Think

    In today’s world, most people make big purchases based on how much it will be per month – I call this “how much a month.” Some people pay for things all at once, but the majority of people buy based on what they can afford (or perceive they can afford – a topic for another...Read More

  • Where Your Peace of Mind and Personal Transformation As a Leader Resides

    In any workplace, there will be a degree of disagreements or drama. This often plays out in unnecessary remarks, withholding information, or complaining. As a business leader, distinguishing what is versus getting caught up in the emotional entanglement of what’s happening, can be a challenge. When I refer to what is, I do not mean The post Where Your Peace of Mind and Personal Transformation As a Leader Resides appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Faith, Hope & Love!

    We’ve all heard it before… Faith, hope and love – and the greatest of these is love! I can hear you now asking what in the world that has to do with business… I’d say a lot! More than you might think at first glance or mention. Faith plays a part in pretty much everything...Read More

  • 25 Percent of Your Time

    25% of your time. Research shows that if you are a manager that’s how much of your time is spent resolving staff disputes and miscommunication. Additionally, many of the conflicts that are settled do not reach the underlying emotions that, left unresolved, only emerge later to create new problems in other areas. These negative approaches to conflict The post 25 Percent of Your Time appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • On The Downhill Slide…

    It’s December… You have 4 weeks left in 2021! Will you coast into 2022? Or are you focused, with your foot on the accelerator and sliding into home with a BIG WIN before the end of this year? Building momentum or coasting? Maybe you’re somewhere in between… It’s not about right or wrong here –...Read More

  • The Friendship Plate

    During the holidays when I attend a gathering, I like to express my appreciation to the host or hostess. As a gift, I use a plate or bowl filled with homemade bread, cookies, or other treats. I have a supply of bowls or vintage plates that I pick up from various shops. On the bottom The post The Friendship Plate appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Ways to Build Trust in the Workplace

    Trust is often talked about as the foundation of a company’s success. Most teams think about trust in terms of customers but trust within the organization is equally important. As you grow an organization, your employees must believe in one another. When they don’t, performance suffers. How do you build trust? In order to build The post Ways to Build Trust in the Workplace appeared first on Excellerate Associates.

  • Are You Living Your Dream… Or Somebody Else’s

    Are you living your dream or somebody else’s? How’s that for hitting you square in the forehead today? I heard this question over the weekend, and it took my breath away a little bit. It reminded me of a conversation I recently had with a plumber who was at my house fixing a water geyser...Read More

  • Taken Your Foot Off The Accelerator For The Rest of The Year?

    It’s the middle of November (almost). Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away. The weather’s getting colder (or cooler… depending on where you live). Christmas and the December holidays are right around the corner. That means parties and more time with family and friends. The natural tendency is to start to pull back a little...Read More