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Book Title: Finding Life In Between

Author: Candy Leigh

Pre-Order Availability Date: 01-Dec-2021

Short Description of The Book:

Finding Life In Between is a real life example of the inner work we all can do to recover from life’s traumas and reclaim our personal power and joy. In this memoir/self-help “journal,” Candy provides a sharp, vulnerable, authentic look at the real life pressures of modern day womanhood. You will pivot from laughing to crying as you find yourself in the stories about the joys of parenting and the pain of loss, and you will be inspired to confront your own shadows and choose to live your beautifully imperfect life to its fullest.

If you are…
★ Surviving the pain of divorce
★ Struggling with identity loss after a (perhaps unplanned) career change
★ Navigating the joys and fears of parenting in a complicated world
★ Wrestling with the shame and memories of personal trauma (#metoo)
★ Looking for connection and to know that you aren’t alone…

This book is for you.

You are worthy of living a rich life of purpose and fulfilment. Grab your copy (or Audible) of Finding Life In Between, and begin you journey home…to yourself.

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