Empire Avenue Mission Copy (Teresa)

Shawne Duperon’s Birthday Miracle 1000e

Shawne Duperon’s (ShawneTV) dream is to create a documentary movie Project: Forgive.  Tomorrow is Shawne’s birthday, so those of us who love her are working to get her the Crowd funding she needs.  

Please share the following post on Facebook.  Or create a recommendation of your own.

And if you’re inspired watch the video (it’s phenomenal) and feel free to pledge a couple dollars (not required for the mission, but you’re welcome to) 🙂

If you could assist in getting a powerful message out, via a 6 time Emmy award winning producer’s documentary on forgiveness, would you?  All it takes is 10 or 20 dollars…….Please support my friend Shawne’s dream project to heal the world.  http://ow.ly/9fc9g