Great News! We are starting to put together our EBC TV show. And we want to offer you the opportunity to play. You are invited to submit video in any of the following categories (or if you have a super creative, value oriented, non-promotional concept to share that enhances humanity).

Note: Submitting content is not a guarantee that your video will be used in EBC TV. So make your video great to have the best chance to have it included in the show! However, you are agreeing by submission of video content that EBC has the rights to use it in EBC TV and for promotional purposes.

Requirements: Please submit a 2-7 minute mp4 (720px or 1080 px) already edited video that looks professional. Make sure it is more than a talking head. You either need to be actively doing a demo, guiding us on location, and or have spliced in imagery or video into your narration. It can be a performance or pre-recorded video you have rights to. Just be sure you’re not sitting on Zoom or doing a simple voice over powerpoint. Do not use copyrighted music or video footage in your video. We are not doing editing of your footage. Also, do not put in any promotional content other than to say your name and 1 website link one time in the video. Video with hard sells will not be accepted.

Here are some categories we initially want video content for:

  • Unique Hobbies

  • Footage from the contributions to humanity you are involved with

  • Cooking your favorite dishes/brain food/etc

  • Your Health Hacks

  • Dealing with uncomfortable situations and when things go wrong on stage, with a launch, in life – show footage or tell story with b-roll

  • Financial tips for chaotic times (but needs to be more than talking head and powerpoint)

  • Books – your  book trailer.

  • Speaking on stage with a profound point

  • Book review of a book that you’re reading or read.

  • Your family – behind the scenes. Who supports you.

  • The value of your EBC community (ex: how your life changed by being a part of EBC – ideally not a zoom recording. Record with your phone outside or in a room in your home or in a setting)

  • or your super creative, value oriented, non-promotional concept that enhances humanity

How to submit your video:

  1. To submit your video(s), please fill in the form and upload your video(s) here 
    NOTE: Remember the more professional and high-value your video is, the more likely it will be included.
Thank you….
Catherine Saykaly-Stevens and Laura Rubinstein
EBC TV Committee Coordinators