The Evolutionary Business Council Board Members


Teresa de Grosbois is an international speaker sought by entrepreneurs and large corporations wanting to better understand how local gossip can suddenly turn into epidemic word of mouth. Specializing in the topics of influence and success, Teresa has a proven track-record in understanding word of mouth epidemics having taken three books to best-seller status in only 8 months. Teresa teaches business and marketing courses around the globe, including teaching courses to start-up entrepreneurs in developing countries. As the Chair of the Evolutionary Business Council, Teresa leads an international, invitation-only council of speakers and influencers dedicated to teaching the principles of success. Learn more about Teresa here


With her PhD in gossip, numerous EMMY® awards and social media reach topping 120 million per month, Dr. Shawne Duperon is considered by many to be one of the most innovative consultants on communication today.

From London, to Athens, to Munich, to across North America, Dr. Shawne educates corporations, universities, governments and entrepreneurs, on how to effectively communicate resulting in increased retention, engagement and productivity in the workplace. Her popular and progressive conversations on forgiveness as a leadership tool, amplify inclusion and respect in the workplace.

Her case study is Project Forgive, a non-profit and non-religious educational foundation that reaches millions in social media and tens of thousands in her Facebook Live Broadcasts.

You’ve seen this Six-Time EMMY® winner featured in major media including: CNN, ABC, Inc. Magazine, and USA Today.

As a scholar, Dr. Shawne’s expertise is leading-edge. Applying gossip theory, she implemented strategies that caused Project Forgive to go viral, garnering an endorsement from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the honor of a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for her work on global forgiveness. Join us at


Harrison Klein describes himself as “a cosmic traveler on a mission to change/elevate 1,000,000 lives into source consciousness, wealth, love, wisdom, transcendence and happiness in every way I can, and with all my heart!” He is endorsed as an award-winning personal-growth transformationalist and business growth consultant across the globe, who helps entrepreneurs, salespeople, executives, coaches, marketers and healers build multi-million dollar companies. Through a combination of psychological genius blueprinting, applied best practices, leadership skills and abilities, and marketing skills, Harrison conveys such metaphysical laws through workshops, articles and books, public speaking events, and traveling the world spreading his mission. Believing the big picture brings clarity, beauty, and financial rewards, he thinks and plans between two years and two generations forward; creating conscious elevation through unique successful companies, products and legacies that are living organisms that will last long after the CEO departs. Harrison sits on the board of several multi million dollar organizations including the 1st World Spiritual Parliament, The New York Association for Research and Enlightenment – (which are subscriber and speaking based organizations with a reach in excess of 2 Billion people) and is the American delegate to India for World United Speakers. As the owner of The Masters Gathering, Women Power and Purpose, True Millionaire Stories, 100MX3, and ProAbundance LLC’s, he develops information and popular products around the leading edge of the spiritual, metaphysical, and coaching industry.

Learn more about Harrison here – or


Joel Young is the Originator of NPA, a Visionary Leader in the field of Human Consciousness and a genuine 21st Century Heretic, with over 16 years experience of healing & teaching internationally. In his inspiring talks and seminars, Joel shares the NPA Process and its message, asking you: “Are you ready for profound positive change that comes this easy?” Joel originally worked in IT & Marketing in the field of Orthopaedics. Events led him to meet Brandon Bays in 1995 as she began sharing The Journey™. Described by Brandon as “A living expression of Grace” and “The best therapist in the northern hemisphere”, Joel is a Senior Accredited Therapist and, before ‘NPA’, was a Presenter for The Journey in Europe, USA & The Middle East.

Over the years, Joel has also trained in NLP, Shamanism, and The Work of Byron Katie (Author of ‘Loving What Is’). Joel describes how in January 2006 he ‘disappeared’ in a cave in India, and in January 2007 he received a revelation in answer to a prayer. He was ‘given’ a simple process, and a Tri-fold message. The simplicity of the process belied its power and the profundity of the message is expanding through Consciousness, and the Global Community.

Joel is renowned for his dynamic, humorous and clear delivery and has a knack for communicating the essence of a topic in a simple, heartfelt and easy to digest way. Get to know Joel here –


You may have seen Marilyn Suttle on TV news or read about her in magazines such as Inc. Magazine, Corp, Ladies Home Journal and Woman’s World. As a founding member of the Evolutionary Business Council, Marilyn is a sought after transformational communication expert, international speaker, and her bestselling book, “Who’s Your Gladys?” has recently been released in paperback. She works with many Fortune 500 companies like Ford Motor, and, Kimberly Clark helping professionals raising profits, by fueling passion, purpose, and unbreakable bonds with customers.

Marliyn’s information is here –


Colin Sprake is devoted to people achieving huge success in their businesses. There is a very definite reason WHY Colin does what he does and it all stems from childhood. Colin was not a happy teenager as he was severely bullied in school and many times thought of suicide. Colin knew that he would have to work on his mindset in order to regain his happiness and did so by meeting John Kehoe, who had a dramatic impact on his life and where he is at today. Colin now spends time assisting business owners and entrepreneurs to find happiness, build a powerful mindset, and grow sustainable and highly profitable businesses with a ton of love in their life. Colin is also a sought after keynote speaker & trainer.

Colin’s information is here –