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As an EBC/EBI member you have free access to our proprietary content sharing platform.

This is a game changer and takes your ability to offer up great content online to a whole new level. We are so excited to announce that our new EBC Buzz Club platform for giving and receiving “social media love” is available for you as an EBC or EBI member.

Once you access the platform you can share other people’s content to your social media networks and be able to submit your content for others to give you social medial love.

The EBC Buzz Club login page is

  • FIRST TIME USERS: Go to EBC Buzz Club login and click FORGOT PASSWORD. Then enter your email (associated with EBC membership) and you will be sent a reset password link (so you can login to the EBC Buzz Club).  
  • NEED HELP: When you login, go to the Quick Start tab and watch the videos there or click the help button on the sidebar
  • The EBC Buzz Club will send you reminder email daily* of the social media posts your fellow EBC members are requesting shares for. *To change frequency of the email, login and go to My Dashboard > Edit Profile and scroll to the bottom and select Daily, Weekly or None. Then Save changes.


Done For You – EBC Buzz Virtual Assistant
Our team will do the BUZZ FOR YOU: We’ll submit 3 of your high value articles/tips/blogs/podcasts each month and share out the aligned buzz of other members. For only 30/month or 297/year you can have your own Buzz Virtual Asssistant.  Learn more here: