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Book Launch Guide and Resources


Review the Book Launch Calendar

Get this comprehensive step-by-step timetable that will make planning and implementing your book launch easy! Download the EBC Book Launch Recommended Calendar.

Get the EBC Best Practices Guide

The first step for requesting support for your campaign is to follow the membership best practices and etiquette. Download the EBC Launch Packet.


Ask for Support

You can make and ask for support on your book launch under the #MakeAnAsk Friday Meme on the Facebook EBC Group. You may also put an ask in the EBC newsletter for support (submission form is on the website)


Make it Easy

Providing good swipe copy and making it easy for other members to support you is essential. You can use croudspeaking social platforms such a SpiralShare to aid in facilitating support.

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Step 01: Overview & Things to Ponder

Step 02: 6 Months in Advance


Step 03: 5 Months in Advance

Step 04: 4 Months in Advance

Step 05: 3 Months in Advance


Step 06: 2 Months in Advance

Step 07: 1 Month in Advance

Step 08: Launch Month


Step 09: 1 Month Post Launch

Step 10: 2 Months Post Launch

Need help with your book campaign?


There are several members who offer book marketing, coaching, how to get a bestseller and other discounted packages for members.


If you have a book launch related offer that you might want to be listed, please submit it here.

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