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  • How To Get Others To Sell Your Product For You

    Marketing can be expensive and most small business owners don’t have big marketing budgets. So looking for targeted ways to get free marketing exposure is a great solution. You may have considered public relations as a low cost marketing tactic, but what if you can’t write, or you don’t have the time to sit down […]

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  • Whose Problems are Easier?

    There can be days when you think it would be so much easier to solve some of the problems others have to deal with.  You would know exactly how you would handle them.  The thing about that is their problems aren’t yours.  You have been given your problems to help you learn the life lessons […]

  • Money does not equal Math

    How many of you would say you hate math? Therefore, you are not proficient at math? There

    is a technical word for this. It’s called innumeracy. The word really doesn’t matter, it’s our

    perception about math that is important.


    The perception I want to talk about is that even if we say we hate math, or I’m not good at

    math and trust me I’m right in there with you, we can be outstanding with our money. While

    money uses numbers to represent itself, it is not about math. You can be a financial wiz using

    4th grade level math skills. Seriously, I am talking addition, subtraction, multiplication and

    division. AND we have calculators and spreadsheets to actually do the math!

    If it’s not about the math – what is it about? The Story. Money is about the story of our

    business or personal life. If you knew that your 4th grade self could be a whiz about your

    money story would you feel inspired and more powerful? It’s true – the other very cool thing

    about your 4th grade self is you had a rich imagination to go along with your killer math skills!

    When you combine your brilliant and anything is possible imagination with your stellar math

    skills you can create your very best money story.

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  • Prejudicial Presumptions

      We all participate in beating ourselves up. It’s inevitable. We are human. Then we realize that this negative behavior inhibits our communication with others, our relationships, and our successes . And we berate ourselves for participating in those prejudicial presumptions. Today’s focus – notice where you’re prejudging your own actions and practice forgiving yourself. […]

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  • The Upside of Gray

    This week's Upside Thought is by guest writer and Upside Thinking, Inc. Coach, Suzanne Dudley Schon. She was recently on stage at Design Your Destiny Live sharing her wisdom and genius. Enjoy discovering the Upside of Gray!

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  • "Bless YOU!!!"

    I first want to say....."BLESS YOU!".....and not because you sneezed.... : ) Because I REALLY want to bless YOU!....Send YOU LOVE, goodness, blessings, joy and pure light!!! Just receive that for a moment.....take a breath, close your eyes.....and receive!Feels GREAT right!!!! It's soooo important for us to receive....AND today's post is ALL about extending or giving or blessing others! Now that you've been filled up ; ) you have more than enough goodness to give!Sometimes in life we get stuck

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