EBC Dinner

A Personal Invitation From EBC

Friday, Oct 20, 2017

Reykjavík, Iceland


EBC members and candidate guests in Reykjavík, Iceland and surrounding area are invited to a meal graciously being hosted by Pat Duckworth and Lisa Dadd. This is an excellent opportunity to meet EBC & EBI members in the flesh, and a good opportunity for prospective members to get to know the EBC a little bit better.  Each person will be paying for their own food.

Location: University of Iceland
Address: Sæmundargata 2 101 Reykjavík Ssn: 600169-2039
Date: Friday, October 20, 2017
Time: 7pm GMT


University of Iceland

Sæmundargata 2 101, Reykjavík
Map and Directions

Date: October 20, 2017

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Pat Duckworth

After many years working in the public and voluntary sector, I discovered my entrepreneurial mojo in my mid 50s. I retrained and set up in business as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist. I specialise in women\'s health and have written three books, starting with \'Hot Women, Cool Solutions\'. I am an enthusiastic public speaker.I am passionate about spreading the word to women that they can and should enjoy their perimenopausal life.

Lisa Dadd

After obtaining a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine, Lisa entered the corporate world of healthcare. She spent 15 years in sales, marketing & management roles before abandoning the corporate life to find more meaning, purpose and fun. She wrote about the experience in Finding Fabulous: Paving the Path Between Paycheck & Passion and now speaks, writes & consults on career and lifestyle redesign.

Loree Cowling

Loree Cowling is an international speaker, intuitive healer, and author who helps people connect to their hearts. Her ability to reveal the sacred story within allows her clients to tap into the stillness required to become familiar with ones own inner voice.