EBC Dinner

A Personal Invitation From EBC 

Sun, July 2, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada


EBC members and candidate guests in Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding area are invited to a meal graciously being hosted by Christine Powers and Pat Duckworth. This is an excellent opportunity to meet EBC & EBI members in the flesh, and a good opportunity for prospective members to get to know the EBC a little bit better.  Each person will be paying for their own food.

Restaurant: TBD
Address: TBD
Date: July 2, 2017
Time: TBD


Las Vegas, Nevada
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Date: July 2, 2017

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Attendee Listing For: Dinner, Jul 2nd, Las Vegas, Nevada -

Christine Powers

Christine activates the divine spark within each of us and opens hearts through her powerful voice - singing, writing, speaking and coaching. She empowers each of us to uncover and remember who we truly are and create an adventurous, authentic, joy-filled, fulfilling life. Other specialties range from sound and energy healing to forgiveness, relationships, and selfless service. She is an operatic lyric soprano, Reiki Master-Teacher, ordained minister, crystal bowl practitioner, metaphysical mountain climber, and mother of three.

Pat Duckworth

After many years working in the public and voluntary sector, I discovered my entrepreneurial mojo in my mid 50s. I retrained and set up in business as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist. I specialise in women\'s health and have written three books, starting with \'Hot Women, Cool Solutions\'. I am an enthusiastic public speaker.I am passionate about spreading the word to women that they can and should enjoy their perimenopausal life.

Patty Farmer

Patty Farmer is an award winning Marketing Strategist, Int’l Speaker, Radio Host, Event Producer & Author specializing in Marketing & Biz Growth Strategies & works with lifestyle entrepreneurs & small business owners to attract & convert their ideal clients 24/7 so they can make a bigger impact in the world, & even bigger deposits in their bank account. She has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to build (and leverage) online & offline communities of influencers & how to connect, collaborate and convert in less time & make more money while designing the lifestyle they want to live.

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens is an Audience Growth and Fan-Engagement - Social Media Consultant and Trainer She shows business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and health practitioners how to sell their books, programs, and services. Creator of the ‘Social Media Quick Start Program’, Catherine demonstrates how a slight shift in the way content is presented can accelerate audience growth and invite extraordinary fan-engagement.

Nekeshia Hammond

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond is a licensed psychologist, speaker, author, and owner of Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A. Her current focus is completing psychological evaluations (Gifted, learning disorders, ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc.). In 2017, Dr. Hammond becomes the first African-American President of the Florida Psychological Association. She is also the 2017 Secretary of the Ryan Nece Foundation. In addition to her Board of Directors involvement, Dr. Hammond regularly volunteers of her time at different outreach activities in the community.