Harmonizing Humanity Deep Dive – Session 2:



00:14:22 TEAM Eva Medilek: Welcome everyone. So excited for what we are creating today!
00:16:08 Dr. Valerie: Greetings all! I’m grateful to be here with you all. Thanks you for saying yes!
00:16:52 TEAM Naomi: Welcome Laura and Joan!
00:17:11 Dr. Valerie: Welcome Laura and Joan!
00:17:34 TEAM Naomi: Joan – I also live in Santa Clarit
00:18:24 Laura Rubinstein: It’s on now
00:18:34 Pam Bayne: Hey everyone!
00:18:36 Jill Fischer: Yah!! Hello everyone!
00:18:55 TEAM RODNEY FLOWERS: Welcome all!!
00:19:32 Dr. Ganz Ferrance: So glad we are all here. Welcome everyone.
00:20:03 TEAM Mary Muia: Hello everyone welcome!
00:24:53 TEAM Naomi: A Dyad is not a conversation. The speaking partner shres and the others listen.
00:25:13 TEAM Mary Muia: 1. Tell me one thing that comes up when you think of Harmonizing Humanity. 2. Thank You 3. Say it again. 4. Clarify that. 5. Summarize that. Repeat trading Speaker roles until time is up. #1-5 Above beginning with: Tell me one thing that comes up when you think of Harmonizing Humanity.
00:45:55 Anita Adams: Loved that experience
00:46:13 Jill Fischer: Still teary eyes
00:49:51 Dr. Valerie: I started at frustration and anger and disbelief.
00:50:57 Team Nicola: I want to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony.
00:51:19 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: The key part of that song “I want to teach”
00:52:26 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: We love Pam!
00:52:47 Dr. Valerie: BIG HEART!
00:52:48 Jill Fischer: Whoop Whoop!! I LOVE PAM BABY!!
00:53:22 TEAM Mary Muia: welcome Pam! so lovely to have shared the diad space with you!
00:54:05 Pam Bayne: Loved what you shared Mary, thank you!
01:35:21 Debbie Lynn Grace: Woo hoo Dr. Valerie and Dr. Ganz and leadership team of this Deep Dive. So grateful for you!
01:52:25 TEAM Naomi: “What am I supposed to be in this moment?” Look for a shift. “How can I support this growth you are on?”
01:52:37 Lisa Cherney: “God’s got the duckling.” Love this!
01:55:50 TEAM Naomi: Tell Me More
01:57:04 Team Nicola: Totally… “Don’t case thy pert upon Swine.”
01:57:25 Team Nicola: Whoops “Don’t Cast they pearl upon Swine”
01:58:50 Team Nicola: “Abelism.”
02:03:53 Team Nicola: Do we need to go to that pretty place?
02:04:49 TEAM Eva Medilek: Struggle is not always a bad thing. We can honor the struggle.
02:06:06 TEAM Naomi: How will my life change as a result of the problem?
02:09:09 Laura Rubinstein: I need to step away to handle some clients.
02:13:58 TEAM Naomi: Valerie said: The questions forever is: Where is Humanity today? How close are we today? Who can I be for this moment of inspiration today?
02:16:22 Team Nicola: Steven Pinker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfm-q7oBr3Q
02:17:06 TEAM Naomi: Thank you Nicola
02:18:01 Team Nicola: We never know how far the ripples go by our influence Dr Ganz 2021
02:19:33 Anita Adams: Looks like Steven Pinker has written many books. Any recommendations where to start?
02:20:39 TEAM Naomi: Create a HOPE container in yourself. What is that for you? How do you stay positive? It’s different for all of us, different seasons, moon cycles. Allow yourself to feel and unpack; come with up what is the behavioral bucket where your hope lies?
02:21:08 TEAM Mary Muia: Integration Questions: What are you more conscious of now than before? What have you learned from doing this process? What’s your new narrative / story? What’s one specific thing you’ll do today to live this more fully in your life?
02:21:09 Team Nicola: “I go to EBC Events” Jill Fischer 2021
02:22:13 Team Nicola: “We’re trending in the right direction but we’re taking the scenic route.” Dr Ganz 2021
02:23:00 TEAM Eva Medilek: Walked into a world that I’ve never seen before
02:25:15 TEAM Eva Medilek: A story not shared doesn’t serve
02:27:48 Teresa de Grosbois: That’s a powerful realization Debbie Lynn!
02:29:41 TEAM Mary Muia: Being more present to being a kinder person in my leadership! Debbie Lynn Thank you
02:37:55 Team Nicola: Totally
02:38:00 Jill Fischer: Got it – so with you
02:38:03 Joan Ranquet: yes
02:38:03 Sharon Carne: Resonating
02:38:05 Teresa de Grosbois: Being present.
02:38:05 TEAM Dr. Whitney: Yes
02:38:05 Pam Bayne: Yes
02:38:13 Teresa de Grosbois: Very powerful.
02:38:13 Debbie Lynn Grace: yes
02:38:18 Anita Adams: Feeling inspired by your words
02:38:18 TEAM Mary Muia: awesome Dr. Valerie
02:38:25 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: Conscious beings of choice that often don’t know why we make the choices we make.
02:38:37 TEAM Eva Medilek: Heightened awareness to what comes up in me and WHEN and HOW it comes up.
02:38:39 Lisa Cherney: 👍🏻
02:38:40 TEAM Naomi: Valerie: Can we stand for behavior change? How can we model change that is warranted? Do you expect someone to conform to your world? A “higher caste” person may THINK “you are here to serve me.” What is possible at that moment? That other person may have no idea where those thoughts come from.
02:38:45 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: I love that you brought up the programmed-in epigenetic expectations and responses.
02:40:11 TEAM Naomi: Not My Fault
02:53:25 Team Nicola: I’m taking you to the loo with me so turning off my video.
03:04:46 TEAM Naomi: Where are you willing to transform in order to harmonize the humanity that I would like to see? Can you activate Behavior Chains between now and Session 5?
03:05:59 Dr. Valerie: I’m feeling Black Exhaustion around a lot of triggers.
03:06:32 Dr. Valerie: And maybe it wasn’t really patience in the past?
03:09:12 Teresa de Grosbois: Apologies I need to step away for a minute.
03:15:29 TEAM Naomi: Dr Ganz: Process of indigenization. 1st blindess 2nd awakening and anger 3rd understand ing what is there to “FIX” things. 4th peace. Cycle then starts over.
03:23:02 TEAM Eva Medilek: You can’t choose how you feel but you can choose how you act.
04:02:22 TEAM Naomi: Accelerated Evolution by Satyen Raja.
04:02:55 Team Nicola: What you resist persists.
04:03:31 Dr. Valerie: Law of Resistance.
04:29:24 TEAM Mary Muia: Integration Questions: What are you more conscious of now than before? What have you learned from doing this process? What’s your new narrative / story? What’s one specific thing you’ll do today to live this more fully in your life?
04:50:29 TEAM Mary Muia: Thank you Debbie, you very inspiring too
04:52:47 TEAM Mary Muia: Visionary who does pioneering through passion, Thank you Debbie Lynn Grace
04:55:16 Dr. Valerie: Thanks for that share Debbie Lynn. I love the idea of activating the higher Self (which already knows) rather than activating my mental mind to figure out what and how. I feel peace in that for my often concerned with ‘how?’ self.
05:04:44 Team Nicola: WOW
05:04:58 TEAM Naomi: Powerful
05:05:14 Dr. Valerie: Awesome!
05:22:44 Lisa Cherney: can we have the link to the song?
05:23:31 TEAM Eva Medilek: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17cju3s7bfUbBSr0-Q0g7_83-AbJqtrvg/view?usp=sharing
05:28:35 Dr. Valerie: And we get to harmonize with Universal Law as well.
05:28:57 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: Earth My Body Water My Blood Air My Breath and Fire My Spirit
05:30:20 TEAM Eva Medilek: WE should be unmuted
05:37:42 Team Nicola: PRINT LAPI Framework (w/ Link) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1le7CtC6JB-_XYWFhDaDQUjZK4lBZ122K
Nicola Put in Chat:
PRINT Personal Crest Guidelines (with Link)
05:40:45 Teresa de Grosbois: Awesome day! Thanks everyone!
05:40:56 Joan Ranquet: THANK YOU