Harmonizing Humanity Deep Dive – Session 3:


00:18:10 Dr. Valerie: If you were being nudged and massaged by your guides and angels, you had a good night even if you weren’t sleeping!
00:24:23 Pam Bayne: Dr Valerie & Dr Ganz & team, we’d love to see you all at Vista Mundo
00:24:43 Pam Bayne: 💗💗💗
00:24:44 TEAM Eva Medilek: Hopefully soon @Pam
00:24:58 Pam Bayne: YEAH! @Eva
00:25:01 TEAM Dr. Whitney: Ditto what Eva said
00:25:19 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: Step into the Hollow Bone, empty your cup, and you’ll hear something today from a fresh angle that will expand and nourish you.
00:26:03 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: “Because I have structure, now I can be free and present in the moment” – Jennifer Hough
00:26:29 Sharon Carne: 20%
00:26:31 TEAM Naomi: 30%
00:26:32 Pam Bayne: 30%
00:26:35 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: 20% words
00:26:37 Teresa de Grosbois: 25%
00:26:37 Debbie Lynn Grace: 7 %
00:26:38 Anita Adams: 20%
00:26:42 Lisa Cherney: 5-10%
00:26:43 joan Ranquet: 25%
00:26:44 TEAM Dr. Whitney: 20%
00:26:56 Jill Fischer: 7
00:35:26 TEAM Naomi: Communication: Dr Ganz 7% is verbal 93% is non-verbal. Set the Context: Time and Topic. They have input/control. Room for Emotions. Drive thru Talking
00:36:34 Dr. Valerie: Mirror is telling what is communicated, which is more than just the words.
00:37:14 TEAM Naomi: TOOLS: FLOOR and MIRROR = Speaker (I statements I feel….) and Mirror reflection= communicating what you hear.
00:42:58 Dr. Valerie: Subtle acts of exclusion replaces the term micro-aggression.
00:44:06 TEAM Naomi: 1st: Talk about the weather. 2nd: Talk about something with an stronger emotional Go back and forth and play with your partner
00:53:50 TEAM Naomi: How are you feeling about you are hearing? something personal, dig a little deeper for 10 minutes
01:06:25 TEAM Naomi: Anita is a wonderful mirror in our conversation
01:08:15 Sharon Carne: Thank you, Valerie
01:13:00 TEAM Naomi: Can you image carrying the weight of a secret around for years?
01:15:14 Anita Adams: That’s a great insight
01:15:45 TEAM Naomi: Teresa: Nervous as a mirror. Why don’t you start with being a bit vulnerable and not get it perfect? Then reflect to them.
01:15:51 Team Nicola: Thanks for that share Teresa.
01:21:52 TEAM Naomi: Having a safe place to be vulnerable is valuable. I can get strong in myself about it so that when I go out in the world the judgment will be there, but I can be strong anyway because I know there is value in what I do.
01:22:38 TEAM Mary Muia: A real safe space it is indeed.
01:24:24 Anita Adams: Kerri, that was really helpful for me too. Thank you so much for sharing.
01:24:36 TEAM Naomi: Ganz: Skill: When you feel validated be it. Show up AS IT. People will not question you anymore; it’s your energy. Be open to having the conversation with others. You are safe in your vulnerability. IF someone asks or tells us, actually say “I’m working on this communication thing. I’m not sure how I’m coming across. Would you reflect back to me what you’re hearing?”
01:27:34 Anita Adams: Wow I feel like this conversation was created specifically for me.
01:28:56 Teresa de Grosbois: Yeah – that’s the issues I was speaking to. That people have different preferences as to what they want with this skill…
01:30:32 TEAM Naomi: Ganz “I validate that you feel this way as a person who has a feeling and an experience. I want you to know I hear and see you.”
01:32:55 TEAM Dr. Whitney: Yes, Valerie! Thanks for bringing that up.
01:35:45 TEAM Naomi: CONSIDER asking yourself these questions: Are we sharing feelings or words about feelings? How many times are you short-circuiting the conversation based on your desire to get to the agreement?
01:36:46 TEAM Naomi: Ganz: Access the feelings. There is a sequence to this. IF the person does not feel fully deeply understood, nothing gets in after that. Once they feel acknowledged, then you may look for solutions.
01:36:50 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: A lot of times the acknowledgement is the solution.
01:37:19 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: Psychological safety is about how a person feels – Rodney
01:38:07 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: The similarities make us feel safe. How do we include other people in that safety even though there may be differences.
01:38:52 TEAM Eva Medilek: We can also ask for feedback
01:38:59 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: Don’t make assumptions. Make agreements. – Ganz
01:41:29 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: You are robust enough and have all the tools to be part of this conversation.
01:41:33 Dr. Valerie: We’re building “grit.” Yaaay!
01:41:34 TEAM Naomi: The combination of the Annual Retreat and then the following Deep Dive conversations is empowering.
01:42:18 Lisa Cherney: love that story dr. ganz! really demonstrates how powerfully we can communicate about our “differences” when we are ok with ourselves like that guy at the cafe
01:42:30 Teresa de Grosbois: Yes – beautiful conversation!
01:55:55 Dr. Valerie: “Generous listening.” I love that.
01:57:58 TEAM Naomi: Generous Listening is a skill to build with listening. Collaborative solutions in your conversation. You may want to give your opinion or solution. Why not collaborate the solution: it has a greater chance of being implemented? This fosters the opening of creation.
02:01:27 TEAM Naomi: Listening Intentionally. Listen to understand. Acknowledge: Explicitly YOUR understanding and appreciation for their reality. Acknowledge struggles and successes Paraphrase: Conform or clarify Inquire: Ask OPEN-ended questions that move the conversation towards solutions. The How? What? Where? Who? (Be careful with the WHY <that may create a defensive response> AVOID close-ended questions.
02:07:22 Dr. Valerie: What I loved was that Eva didn’t sink into empathy, and sit in the frustration with Nicol.
02:07:30 Dr. Valerie: nicola.
02:12:04 Dr. Valerie: I felt two people talking, but in different conversations.
02:12:05 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: We can’t choose how we feel but we can choose how we act. – Eva
02:13:46 TEAM Naomi: How NOT to Do: Don’t get tied up in the details without understanding the experience. Recommend instead: What would you like to experience instead?
02:15:44 Debbie Lynn Grace: how long is breakout?
02:26:31 Teresa de Grosbois: What a beautiful exercise!
02:26:53 Teresa de Grosbois: 1
02:26:54 Teresa de Grosbois: agree
02:26:54 Anita Adams: 1
02:26:55 Sharon Carne: 1
02:26:57 Pam Bayne: 1
02:26:59 TEAM Dr. Whitney: 1
02:27:19 Teresa de Grosbois: 1
02:27:21 TEAM Naomi: 1
02:27:23 Dr. Ganz Ferrance: 1
02:27:23 Anita Adams: 1
02:27:25 Debbie Lynn Grace: 1
02:28:02 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: We start to interject our experience when someone else is sharing. – Eva
02:28:57 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: You’re uncomfortable when someone else is uncomfortable. So to make yourself feel better you try to make them feel better.
02:30:47 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: Bypassing, or even diminishment?
02:31:05 Team Nicola: “You can hide your religion but you can’t hide your skin color.” Eva Medilek 2021
02:33:40 Lisa Cherney: Eva and Whitney I really appreciate this transparency! I had feeling it was not received well but didn’t know for sure. Very precious to have this safe space to learn.
02:37:45 TEAM Naomi: How would you like me to listen?
02:39:33 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: May I share my experience with you?
02:39:46 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: May I offer you something in this moment?
02:40:03 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: Offering respect up front takes down some of the armor of defense.
02:57:44 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: I’m just curious…
02:59:19 Dr. Valerie: Curiosity + Neutrality = Generous Listening. Does that fit Eva?
03:00:48 Anita Adams: I have a business commitment after lunch that I couldn’t juggle. Not sure when I’ll be able to get back on the call. Thank you for such a powerful morning!
03:00:59 Eva Medilek: @Dr. Valerie, I’m not fully enrolled in the Neutrality
03:58:14 Teresa de Grosbois: Great playlist!!
03:59:44 Dr. Valerie: Indeed! I love it!
04:11:40 Team Nicola: There is only one race – the human race. The constructct of classification of difference cultures as races was a deliberate move to divide and conquor.
04:20:07 Lisa Cherney: 1
04:20:08 TEAM Naomi: 1
04:20:08 Pam Bayne: 1
04:20:10 Teresa de Grosbois: 1
04:20:10 TEAM Dr. Whitney: 1
04:20:11 Laura Rubinstein: 1
04:20:16 Sharon Carne: 1
04:20:17 Eva Medilek: Diversity vomit
04:20:21 Joan Ranquet: 1
04:25:42 Dr. Valerie: Foundational ideas used as evidence to support the reason for separation.
04:25:50 TEAM Naomi: Definition of Constructs: Foundational ideas used as evidence to support the reason for separation. Where are the constructs of separation in the systems within society that prevent sweeping and lasting change?
04:27:26 TEAM Naomi: What are the roadblocks?
04:46:11 Eva Medilek: Blaming the lower caste for their health problems
04:48:03 Eva Medilek: We are all team Kerri
04:48:12 Pam Bayne: Yes!
04:52:04 TEAM RODNEY FLOWERS: Just because I’m different doesn’t mean I’m difficult.
04:53:30 Jill Fischer: Love that TEAM Rodney!
04:57:04 TEAM Naomi: Kerri: “If you are a person of color and you get pulled over; be concerned for your life.” Ganz: This is the way it is. You teach them how to react. Serve them as they are. Valerie: The situation already exists. You cannot change the fact they will feel separation even if they don’t even now it. Consider this: Can you release yourself from the idea you are creating the situation. Given the situation, how can I show up in a way that better enables my kids to manage the constructs. How would you like me to participate? What are you feeling about this? Do you experience this? How can I love on you in a way that my fierce love empower you.
04:58:00 Dr. Ganz Ferrance: Just Us app
05:00:00 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: How do we level the playing field?
05:00:15 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: A conscious planet would never stand for this.
05:01:00 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: How do developing countries thrive when they’re denied access to the “approved for travel” vaccines?
05:02:44 TEAM Naomi: Teresa: Construct that I don’t know what to do: World Monetary Fund and World Health Organizations. If we can create a conscious planet, this will fade away. A conscious planet would never stand for this. Valerie: One conversation with one person. As individual actors in this play /landscape, we have to go back and forth between the playing fields (macro vs micro).
05:15:41 TEAM Naomi: Valerie: Corporation and the idea of what is profit. Some corps say “Do well by doing good” while still going after profits. I’ve got this idea in my construct and “They are the bad guys.” Perhaps going to the divine level of creating collaboration and non-judgement. Open up to ideas of what is possible; what is and isn’t working. How do you address it?
05:16:36 Laura Rubinstein: yes
05:16:37 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: yes!
05:16:38 Pam Bayne: yes, yes
05:16:41 Sharon Carne: yes
05:16:42 TEAM Naomi: yes
05:16:43 Joan Ranquet: yes, yes
05:16:44 Lisa Cherney: 👍🏻
05:16:44 TEAM Dr. Whitney: yes, yes
05:16:45 Dr. Ganz Ferrance: yes
05:16:46 Debbie Lynn Grace: yes
05:16:49 Jill Fischer: Yes yes yes
05:19:58 Lisa Cherney: address EBI versus EBC for guests please
05:20:54 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: EBI is an incubator to help grow new members until they can reach the requirements for EBC level membership.
05:21:40 Lisa Cherney: I do not currently have a money-related goal beyond where I am now.
05:21:49 Team Nicola: 1.2 million in automated sales of my courses and products.
05:22:05 TEAM Naomi: Write another international best-seller
05:22:14 TEAM Dr. Whitney: First International Best-selling Book
05:22:15 Dr. Ganz Ferrance: new products launched.
05:22:18 Sharon Carne: We have doubled our revenue this year (2021) We will increase our team and continue the flow
05:22:20 Dr. Valerie: Scale my curriculum to create global access.
05:22:48 Jill Fischer: To have my Colloidal Silver in more than 100 stores.
05:23:34 Joan Ranquet: Split the brand up – Joan the author and Communication with all Life University – and the school stands on it’s own.
05:23:45 Dr. Valerie: Get my curriculum in the top 50 Universities across the world.
05:27:15 Lisa Cherney: please post link that was on the slide
05:29:11 Team Nicola: All 3 Retreats can be registered here https://ebcouncil.com/2022-3-dd
05:29:47 Laura Rubinstein: What are the deep dive dates?
05:30:53 TEAM Naomi: 2022 Deep Dive Dates: April 7- 9 / June 9 – 11 / September 9 – 11
05:32:46 Eva Medilek: All 3 Retreats can be registered here https://ebcouncil.com/2022-3-dd
05:38:26 Dr. Valerie: Creative exploration and expression is next!
06:07:33 TEAM Kerri Hummingbird: Opening
06:07:35 TEAM Naomi: Dancing with open heart
06:07:35 Dr. Ganz Ferrance: Powerful!!
06:07:35 Pam Bayne: One cord, one voice
06:07:38 Dr. Valerie: possibilities
06:07:38 Teresa de Grosbois: Healing my own wounds to heal humanity
06:07:47 Sharon Carne: Symphony
06:07:54 Jill Fischer: heartbreaking
06:07:54 TEAM Dr. Whitney: fluidity
06:07:59 Laura Rubinstein: Journey
06:08:04 Debbie Lynn Grace: curious
06:08:22 TEAM Mary Muia: strength
06:08:28 Eva Medilek: expansion
06:21:59 TEAM Naomi: Dr Frohm: Creativity requires the courageous to let go of certainty.
06:27:59 TEAM Naomi: You might have noticed your voice was cracking with underlying music so we stopped it. Actually your last words asking Cesar to share were crackling
06:28:54 Jill Fischer: I don’t hear very much
06:29:30 TEAM Naomi: Enjoy your creativity and imagine the music.
06:36:07 Dr. Valerie: All better now.
06:37:12 Dr. Valerie: For Clarity, the sections should be: 1) Country of Origin 2)Cultural norms and values and 3) Wounding
06:37:37 Dr. Valerie: The three adjectives go under the crest visual as a summary.
06:37:54 Dr. Valerie: The title goes above as an opening.
07:06:30 Teresa de Grosbois: That’s a powerful statement – written over by the power of the pen!
07:15:32 Teresa de Grosbois: Everybody’s family culture should include The Rolling Stones!!
07:16:29 TEAM Naomi: Naomi: Isolated from Family; Fierce Independence
07:24:10 Teresa de Grosbois: Very moved Eva!
07:33:35 Teresa de Grosbois: Guardian of your optimism
07:35:20 Sharon Carne: Circle of Brogdar. I may have Isle of Sky wrong
07:36:40 Sharon Carne: I checked. Circle of Brodgar and Orkney Island
08:01:00 TEAM Naomi: Beautiful authentic painting accompanied by an incredible poem expression. Set free to live a new story.
08:04:14 TEAM Naomi: t’s not about bypassing pain but connecting with ancestry to be healing and strengthening for you

00:18:23 TEAM Naomi: Thank you Kerri😍
00:18:42 TEAM Dr. Whitney: Thank you Kerri! That was beautiful ❤️
00:19:26 Teresa de Grosbois: Beautiful, beautiful day guys! Thank you! 🙏😁💖