Our Core Values

Always evolving  

We embody and grow transformational mindsets to awaken inspired, joy-filled purpose for the betterment of the planet.



Acting from and for the highest good of all.

Heartfelt Collaboration  

We embrace and encourage our combined brilliance as visionaries of the world.


EBC Code of Honor

As a member, I will

  1. Engage in building relationship with other members
  2. Listen to others and seek to understand
  3. Seek and welcome differing points of view
  4. Honor differing belief systems and backgrounds
  5. Welcome feedback and maintain a learning mind
  6. Be a person of my word, including honouring the commitments I make to other members
  7. Honor, accept, support and encourage others
  8. Keep the membership and good of the organization first and foremost
  9. Generate fun
  10. Honor confidence
  11. Share my skills when appropriate
  12. Be timely and stay on track
  13. Forward the conversation
  14. Forward the vision
  15. Be present mentally and physically
  16. Have the courage to speak when I see or feel or that something is off
  17. Ask before giving feedback or coaching
  18. Provide feedback with compassionate honesty
  19. Focus on the positives
  20. Manage my own emotional state and intentions
  21. Share meaning and offer definitions
  22. Forgive quickly and easily
  23. When asked for support, give an honest yes, no or counter offer (not do it out of obligation)
  24. Be gracious when receiving a yes or a no to a request and know that it’s not personal
  25. Make it easy for others to support me (e.g. providing swipe copy)

As a member, I will not

  1. Make inappropriate or premature asks (asking before a relationship is built)
  2. Focus on selling to other members
  3. Be a know-it-all
  4. Put down others, complain, back-stab or gossip instead of going to the source
  5. Use poor listening skills such as interrupting, rolling my eyes, sighing, etc
  6. Blame or hold grudges
  7. Discuss EBC business outside of the EBC
  8. Speak to hear my own voice
  9. Go along to get along
  10. Be inauthentic
  11. Play politics or have hidden agendas
  12. Disrespect the privacy of other members (e.g. no subscribing without permission)