Copy Teresa is sending to family & friends re Project: Forgive

Subject: Will you please forgive me for this?

I’m writing with a personal request for support for Shawne Duperon’s movie – Project: Forgive.  

You may have met my dear friend Shawne Duperon.  Shawne really inspires me.  Not just because she’s a six-time EMMY winner, has interviewed most US Presidents and hundreds of celebrities and travels the globe speaking on transformational media and how forgiveness is interwoven into our daily lives.  Shawne inspires me most because she’s an incest survivor.  She courageously talks about who she’s become from having forgiven her step-father for the horrific things he put her through as a child. She’s has helped thousands of people survive the impacts of incest and other personal tragedy through her courage.  

You’ve probably struggled with forgiveness at different points in life.  I know I have.

-Maybe you had to forgive a boss for passing you over for a job or laying you off.  
-Maybe it was the guy that cut you off on the freeway this morning.  
-Maybe you struggle with money or even went bankrupt and self forgiveness seems far away.   
-Maybe it’s finding a way to forgive a higher being for taking a loved one with cancer.

Have you ever thought about what forgiveness really means?

Shawne has, and she’s creating a documentary called Project: Forgive.  Project: Forgive is her life’s mission. I’m honored to be a part of it and her partner in the film.

Forgiveness is one of the most significant conversations that causes healing, peace and ultimately love.

I invite you to be a part of this global conversation and movement.

So here’s my request.  Shawne’s husband Terry, finally convinced Shawne to take the leap of faith and have the rest of the world help get this project to the next level with “Crowd Funding”, where we’d create a large on-line campaign to ask people to contribute from $10 and up and receive really cool appreciation rewards.  So we’ve set up a listing on  and we’re asking people to support us by helping to get the word out or making a small pledge to support the movie.

Shawne thinks we’re going to run a big campaign in 6 to 8 weeks.   What’s actually happening is that a group of us are going to launch a big campaign today – Shawne’s birthday.  We want to create a miracle for Shawne and show her that sometimes when you believe something is possible, miracles happen.

The power of someone telling a few friends can be HUGE, so I would deeply appreciate any support you can offer – posting something on facebook, or maybe sending out a tweet or forwarding this email to a couple friends. Whatever you can think of.  There’s some examples of what you might send out below.  Any heart-felt note will work.

So please visit our listing   The video alone is worth a look, plus there’s a lot of fun rewards for everyone who pledges.  We also need your forgiveness stories to help us create this movie.

I know I am a billionaire in my family and friends, and continue to be deeply appreciative of the support and love you all give.  Thank you.