Connecting with an EBC Ambassador

To connect with Evolutionary Business Council members as you travel, or you want to create a live meeting your area, please connect with an EBC Ambassador.  Click here to search for our EBC Ambassadors.

Allow at least 3 weeks or more in advance so you and the EBC Ambassador can connect and then we have time to set up everything and get invites sent out.

As well, as a member you get Kudo points for attending live meetings.

Here is how it works:

  1.  Your need to connect with an EBC Ambassador to co-host.  You search here to find an EBC Ambassador in the area you are going to.
  2.  Email the EBC Ambassador (email details available on search page) with the date and location you’d like folks to meet or ask for a suggestion from them
  3. Then the EBC Ambassador reserves a table at the restaurant and lets Pam know as soon as possible what you’ve organized – include restaurant name, physical address, date & time
  4.  We’ll set up a landing page and invite our members and possible guests in the area
  5. Remember to register yourself as folks like to know who’s coming
  6. We also send out a reminder to those who register of event details just prior to the event
  7.  If you & the EBC Ambassador can’t find a time that works we have more than one EBC Ambassador in larger centres, so reach out to the next one.

If no one is able to assist you, then please connect back with and she’ll introduce you to some other members in that area.

Please email if you have a question.