Connect with The Divine You Program

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, excess weight, pain, or chronic illness?

Perhaps feeling stressed, exhausted, or trouble sleeping is on ongoing pattern for you.

Maybe you have a relentless inner critic, lack confidence, or have difficulty making decisions.

All of the above are signs that you are disconnected from your true self. This often happens for one or more of the following reasons: working or doing too much, trying to please others or be perfect, experiencing past trauma or abuse.

“Connecting with The Divine You” is your foundation for health, healing, and happiness.

In this program you’ll learn the powerful Therapeutic Meditation Process® (T.M.P.). With this process, you’ll learn how to connect with and accept all parts of you, listen to your body’s messages, feel and release toxic emotions, discover and shift limiting beliefs, and connect more deeply with Something Bigger, so you can heal and co-create the life you truly desire- health, love, money, spiritual connection, and living your passions & purpose.

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