Heart and Spirit Award

This EBC member has shown heart, warmth, and generosity in helping others. They bring heart, fun, and spirit to the organization, and demonstrate congruence to the EBC’s guiding values and dedication to relationships (both internal and external).

The MORE Award

This award recognizes the contributions that an EBC member makes to the organization in terms of their time, and energy, and contribution to the EBC activities. This individual helps advance the work of the EBC, strengthens collaboration, promotes the growth of the EBC, and has created new opportunities for the EBC.

The Unstoppable Award

This award recognizes the member for being unstoppable in the movements and global differences they lead. This member extensively utilizes outreach, influence, philanthropy, and a community or cause, creating a movement, global reach and impact. This person also skillfully engages EBC members to support their projects’ traction, influencers, and involvement in their cause and mission.

Mentorship Award

This award recognizes members who mentor fellow members to grow their reach, influence and business impact. Mentorship is defined as 1. through giving of their time, expertise, and influence, helps members get the most out of their EBC/EBI membership; and/or 2. guides EBI members to achieve EBC-qualifying reach, and/or helps EBC members expand their reach toward 1MM. Every member is encouraged to mentor at least one other member, so the recognition levels begin at two. Mentees nominate their mentors.

Bronze Mentorship Award: Mentors 2-4 members

Silver Mentorship Award: Mentors 5-9 members

Gold Mentorship Award: Mentors 10-14 members

Platinum Mentorship Award: Mentors 15+ members

Expansion Catalyst Award:

This Award recognizes EBC and EBI members who personally contribute to the growth of the EBC by sponsoring new members. Sponsorship is defined as:

  1. Inviting new members who meet our selection criteria who then apply for membership to the EBC, liaising with the membership committee as the candidate is evaluated, participating in the “close” process, welcoming the candidate, helping them register for an onboarding Collaboration Call, and ensuring they get assigned a mentor.
  2. Liaising with prospective members in an exploratory call

Bronze Expansion Catalyst Award: Sponsors 2-4 members

Silver Expansion Catalyst Award: Sponsors 5-9 members

Gold Expansion Catalyst Award: Sponsors 10-14 members

Platinum Expansion Catalyst Award: Sponsors 15+ members


Global Engagement Award

This award recognizes the member who participates in the most EBC events during the year. All events qualify, including collaboration calls, live meetings, Deep Dives, and socials. Tabulation is done based on the number of individual events (includes collaboration calls, informal socials and formal retreats, serves on a committee) each year (one activity equals one point). One extra point is awarded when members cross international borders to participate in official events. The winners must have earned a minimum of 24 points. The one with the most points overall is the recipient.


24 points = Finalist
Most points over 24 = Winner


The EBC Global Impact Award

This award recognizes a non-member leader who has created a cutting edge, transformational, trail-blazing social impact within and beyond their target area of influence. This person exhibits innovative thinking that creates a global impact. Their work is creating transformational outcomes in and among organizations, systems, communities, and/or governments. This person has an undefinable, stand-out “something” in your eyes that is worth ranking highly under this criterion. This person is achieving a positive social outcome in a commercially responsible and sustainable manner, demonstrating that altruism is compatible with commercial success. We are inspired by their mission and are honored to recognize and share their genius with the world. *Special consideration is given to under-represented minorities.


Global Influencer Award – This award is only awarded if someone breaks the current record

This award recognizes the member for attending the most EBC live events in a specific time frame – Click here to see who the current award holder is.

See Frequently Asked Questions for EBC Awards of Excellence nominations