Heart and Spirit Award –

This EBC member has shown heart, warmth, and generosity in helping others. They bring heart, fun, and spirit to the organization, and demonstrate congruence to the EBC’s guiding values and dedication to relationships (both internal and external).


This award recognizes the member who sponsors and mentors the most members into the EBC community in a year.  As well as for their coaching & leadership role in the EBC

The MORE Award –

This award recognizes the contributions that an EBC member makes to the organization in terms of their time, and energy, and contribution to the EBC activities. This individual helps advance the work of the EBC, strengthens collaboration, promotes the growth of the EBC, and has created new opportunities for the EBC .

The Unstoppable Award –

This award recognizes the member for being unstoppable in the movements and global differences they lead.

This member extensively utilizes outreach and influence, philanthropy, a community or cause, creating a movement, global reach and influence; skillfully engages EBC members to support their projects’ traction and influencers, and involvement in their cause and mission.

Global Influencer Award – This award is only awarded if someone breaks the current record

This award recognizes the member for attending the most EBC live events in a specific time frame – Click here to see who the current award holder is.