Cancellation Policy, EBC Retreat & 2-day training, July 9-11 2015

Wildfire Workshops Inc. & Make Your Mark Training Inc.

Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions relating to your participation in Wildfire Workshops Inc. (WW) Make Your Mark’s (MYM) Events. If you have any objections to the following Terms and Conditions, you should not make the purchase.

Core Values

These are the CORE VALUES by which WW & MYM operates: Community of Trust, Respect the Individual,
Unconditional Gratitude, Integrity, Commitment to Excellence & Open to Possibilities.

Buyer Conduct

WW& MYM requires all buyers to be respectful and professional to our team and other buyers throughout the
program at all times. WW& MYM reserves the right to remove the buyer from any the live or online trainings
immediately should they be deemed rude, uncooperative, or unprofessional in any way. In such cases, the buyer’s
tuition/fees will not be reimbursed under any circumstances, and they will not receive any of our advertised bonuses or qualify for our satisfaction guarantee or any other written or implied guarantee.

Terms & Conditions

There are no refunds given after 10 days of signing this agreement.

With a minimum of 30 days’ notice you may transfer to the next available LIVE EBC Retreat or Business Mastery
seminar at no cost. Transfers may occur one time only and are valid for one year following the originally scheduled
event date.

Registration for EBC Retreat is only for the dates on the front of this registration form.

Cancellation or postponement of EBC Retreat or Business Mastery less than 30 days prior to the event will require
a $100 (plus taxes) rebooking or transfer fee. Once fee is paid you will be booked into the next available event.
If you cannot make that seminar or event, or you no-show, you will forfeit that seminar or event and all monies
related to it.

Should you no-show an event or seminar (including complimentary seminars) that you are registered for, you will
be charged $100 no-show fee. This is additional to the re-booking fee to take the event or seminar at a later date.

All LIVE Retreats & Seminars must be attended within the selected Program duration or all money is forfeited.

Seminars that you are registered for cannot be transferred to 3rd parties.

A $25 NSF fee plus applicable taxes will be charged per failed attempt for both check and credit card payments.

WW & MYM reserves the right to increase class size, change class frequency or substitute trainers or facilitators
for any event, retreat, seminar or group without prior notification.

All LIVE seminars are for the tuition costs only. Food, accommodation & travel are not included.

Program Bonuses cannot be exchanged for other bonuses and have no cash value. All bonuses are subject to
change without prior notice or compensation.