*Line of Credit Homework – Canadian Citizens*

Step 1: Visit https://www.transunion.ca
Step 2:
Use the “Get your Canadian credit score & report” option.
Step 3:
Download your credit report.
Step 4:
Visit https://www.consumer.equifax.ca/canada/free-trial-en.html
Step 5:
Use the “Get your FREE Equifax credit score & report” option.
Step 6:
Download your credit report.
Step 7:
Email both copies of your credit report, along with your full legal name and phone number to This will be added once rep is assigned

Be sure to note on your email if you are requesting either EBC Personal Line of Credit or EBC Business Line of Credit

Now, your credit report has been submitted to a Company Name representative to complete the qualification process. Your representative will discuss how much in 0% funds you have qualified for during your one-on-one consultation.**

*Please note, by filling out these forms your data will go directly to Company Name/Company Name Your Score. The Evolutionary Business Council and Wildfire Workshops Inc. hold no responsibility or liability for your interactions with Company Name or Company Name Your Score.

**Company Name Your Score is a credit monitoring service that offers the most accurate report that is closest to what the banks are looking for before approving clients for funding. Please note that this is a soft pull on your credit and will not affect your personal credit score