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Connect with influencers from around the world, grow your personal reach and reach your potential. The Evolutionary Business Council is committed to supporting members with intensive in-person deep dive events to weekly collaboration calls.

EBC Call Overview: Learn about all of the calls you can join!

Let’s Connect are social calls open to all EBC and EBI members. This name replaces a few different calls like meal time chats and connection jams. We tend to want to both support and collaborate with those we know, so these calls are times for our members to get to know each other without an agenda. Different call leaders have different styles, so try out more than one!





Influence Exchange Calls replace the former Collaboration Calls, and are run separately for EBC And EBI levels. These calls are now strictly about helping each other with launches or reach building. With up to 10 EBC members, or 7 for EBI calls, these targeted 30-minute calls help you expand your reach and support your fellow members.




Mastermind Calls follow a traditional Mastermind format and are run separately for EBC and EBI levels. Each participant has the full group’s focus on an area of their business for part of the 60-minute call. Whether you’re seeking tangible business tips or want help with overcoming a block, a mastermind call is a place to both receive and give support.





New Member Welcome Calls held once a month, assist new members in getting the most out of the EBC. Or, if you’re an existing member who would like to find out more about the EBC’s various services, these are for you too.







Business Mentorship Calls are now offered on specific topics to support the marketing and management of your business. Led by EBC members for both EBC and EBI members, these trainings will give you tangible tips to help you increase your reach and build your work in the world.






Transformational Calls are lead by transformational experts in the EBC, to assist all members in their personal and professional journey. Calls range from 15 to 60 minutes, and include a multitude of modalities. Join in regularly to transform blocks, shift your mindset, and become an even more effective influence in the world.





Affinity Group Calls are Mastermind and Support calls open to all EBC and EBI members who would like to connect with fellow members who share a particular affinity such as language, orientation or race. Action Committee calls are a type of Affinity Group Call when the group has agreed to go beyond supporting each other and create a mission for themselves as a leadership group within the EBC. Each of these types of groups has to be approved separately before they are set up to ensure we have sufficient interest in the group. To create a new one, please refer to the Affinity Group Call Request form [need this to link to something]. We are currently operating or setting up three affinity groups:

Affinity Groups include:

  • EBC Español (for our Spanish Speaking Members)
Action Committee:
  • EBC BIPOC – Black, Indigenous, People of Color

To join or start an Affinity Group or Action Committee – Reach out to Marivic at