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Decision Making Structure of EBC

Decision Making Structure of EBC

The EBC is a hybrid business structure that runs on a combination of principles borrowed from For-Profit and Not-for-Profit business structures.   

EBC Structural Element

How we are similar to a Not-For-Profit How we differ from a Not-For-Profit

Membership dues are entirely used for the  administration of the organization. Administrative costs include Website maintenance, compensation to staff and contractors hired to administer the EBC, travel expenses, marketing and other routine business expenses.
Appointed EBC Board members do not receive payment or ownership for being on The Board

The EBC is wholly owned by Wildfire Workshops Inc., owned by Teresa de Grosbois
Decision Making Structure Policy for the EBC is set by the elected EBC  Board.

To stand for election for the EBC Board, a member must meet the minimum criteria to be a Board member. New Board Members are elected by existing members of the Wisdom Council and Board. The Board is comprised of 6 elected members, on three year terms, and one permanent CEO position held by Teresa de Grosbois. The CEO position does not vote on decisions unless a tie-breaker is needed in voting.

Reliance on Consensus  Building and Board Policy Where policy exists for the running of the EBC,  the staff follows that policy

To avoid getting bogged down in consensus building or the delays resulting from the debate over policy, the EBC has two structures in place

1. A Wisdom Council, made up of past Board Members can be called upon to make the policy decision when the Board is stalled or in conflict of interest in making the decision; In the event that a policy on a specific element does not yet exist, the EBC Staff makes the best decision available based on their judgement, until such time as a policy can be created. This is typically done in consultation with a committee or representative of the Board.

2. To avoid getting bogged down in consensus building or the delays resulting from the debate over policy, the EBC has two structures in place 

 Conflict of Interest

Staff, contractors and anyone in a leadership  role in the EBC must adhere to EBC’s Conflict of  Interest Guideline

The owners of the EBC, as well as the members, are allowed to personally benefit from the existence of the EBC in the use and exchange of the influence that belonging to the EBC brings. Board members and senior members are also given incentives and discounts on attending events as a thank-you for their service. (This differs from a Not-for-Profit in that some of this activity could be considered a conflict of interest if the EBC were a designated not-for-profit)

Last updated 6 Nov 2018


Board Member Election & Transition to the EBC Wisdom Council

Board Member Election & Transition to the EBC Wisdom Council

EBC Policy –  Board Member Election & Transition to the EBC Wisdom Council

Purpose of this Policy

To outline the EBC Board and Wisdom Council’s policy and procedure for appointing new Board members and transitioning Board Members to the Wisdom Council

The EBC Board

The EBC Board is made up of 6 Appointed senior members which transition on 3 year terms and one non-transitioning role.  Teresa de Grosbois is the one non-transitioning role in the role of EBC Chair. Teresa only votes in the event that a consensus is not achieved and a tie-breaking vote is needed.  Teresa may also over-rule if a decision puts the organization at risk in some way or may escalate some decisions to the Wisdom Council if she believed there is a real or perceived conflict of interest in the Board making that decision.

Our Criteria for inclusion in the EBC Board Currently include

  1. have demonstrated leadership within the organization and role model our values
  2. You have a highly successful business in the transformational space, as evidenced by having established systems, sales funnels, team support and a demonstrated track record of students who’ve achieved significant success
  3. You have significant influence with a following of at least 50,000 people

The Wisdom Council is made Board Members Emeritus

The Wisdom Council is organic rather than highly structure.   Wisdom Council members:

  • Can vote on new members
  • Can bring issues back to the Board,
  • Can brainstorm items for the Board or assist with leadership of committees
  • Make decisions that are a conflict of interest for the Board to make, such as decisions on how Board members transition to Wisdom Council or benefit from participation in the Board
  • Make policy level decisions where the Board is deadlocked and unable to come to a decision
  • Help provide the leadership for their region
  • May be asked to attend Board meeting if their expertise is needed on an item
  • May help lead sessions at retreats

Duration of Board Appointments

As of April 2018, Board Appointments are 3 year Appointments, with the Board Members transitioning to Wisdom Council after 3 years

Board to Wisdom Council Transition Plan will be

  • transition plan started in March 2018 (2 new Board Members transitioned in April)
  • Every year 2 Board Members transition and 2 new Board members are elected.  This happens at the Senior Leadership meeting held the day before the Annual Retreat.
  • A ceremony is held at the Annual Retreat for bringing on new Board members and to honour those that are graduating to the wisdom council

Process for Wisdom Council Interaction With the Board

If the board is in debate – we can choose to poll the wisdom council

The Wisdom council members may lead initiatives within the EBC

There will be a distinction of someone leaving vs choosing to move up to Wisdom council

Wisdom council members retain the right to vote on new members

As the Wisdom Council Grows we may have Board / Wisdom Council Mastermind calls if there is a request.

New opportunities will be emerging for this group.  

Process for selecting new Board Members

  • The Board and Wisdom Council will Nominate Board positions at the annual Leadership retreat.
  • Board and wisdom council vote on new board members
  • Within the process of deciding on new Board members, there will be a discussion to support EBC’s Priorities on diversity and inclusion  – including geographic diversity

Current Transition Order for the Existing Board of Directors

Board Members Approximate Duration on the Board Planned Transition Notes Regarding their transition
Harrison Klein 8 years January 2019

With 2 men moving to Wisdom Council this time, we will be loosing balance on male / female diversity. This should be considered when selecting new Board members

Joel Young 6 years January 2019

There are no other European members who meet our criteria for Board at this time. This should be considered in selecting new Board Members

Marilyn Suttle

5 years First Quarter 2020  

Colin Sprake

3 years First Quarter 2020  

Anita Sanchez

<1 year First Quarter 2021  

Lisa Mininni

<1 year First Quarter 2021  
Dr. Shawne Duperon 6.5 years  

Has been on leave of absence from Board or Wisdom Council is willing to come back in fall in either Board or Wisdom council capacity

People are also free to transition to Wisdom Council sooner if they wish.


Speaking at an EBC Event


The EBC is often approached by individuals offering to speak at our events. Because we are an organization of highly influential speakers and trainers, our requirements for choosing speakers differ from most organizations.  The EBC considers leading an EBC event to be distinct from speaking at an EBC event, and distinct from facilitating a session at an event. As such our policies for each of these roles differ.

To speak at an EBC event you must be:

  1. Either an EBC Member or considered to be sufficiently iconic in the industry that your speaking at one of our events would be seen as a significant contribution to our membership
  2. Your content must be seen to have high value to our members
  3. In most cases you must be already registered at the event in question in order to request to speak

To lead an EBC event or be a session facilitator you must:

  1. Be an EBC Certified Master Trainer (CMT)
  2. Have successfully met the measures for leading the type of Event in Question; or
  3. Have been granted an exemption from the Board Events Steering Committee to do so.

Policy approved by Board Steering Committee – Sep 2018



EBC Levels Distinctions


What’s Required for Inclusion in Different Levels of the Evolutionary Business Council

(Don’t know? Ask. Your Membership Envoy and our Board will help find the most appropriate level for you)

Services Available to you at Different Level of the Evolutionary Business Council


Requesting EBC Event Sponsorship


The EBC is often approached to sponsor events or exchange marketing sponsorships.  Individuals or organizations are invited to use the EBC brand as a sponsor when the event:

  1. Is led by an EBC Certified Master Trainer
  2. Is approved by the EBC for content
  3. Is recommended and endorsed by at least 2 other members of the EBC
  4. Includes a defined feeder into EBC membership (must be structured and approved). This recognizes that the event host will also be offering their own programs and the EBC feeder should not conflict with this.
  5. Includes a post-event evaluation for quality control and measurement of whether the EBC feeder was effective.

Policy approved by Board Steering Committee – 29 Nov 2018