Email AFTER an EBC Call

Hi Everyone, 

Here is a great way to send an email AFTER an EBC call. Remember, it’s your responsibility to get the ball rolling after someone commits to support.

Example 1 for individual emails: 

Hi Lisa Kathleen,

Thank you for agreeing to having a one-on-one call with me regarding the Spirit of Giving Book giveaway for parents. I know you have fab parenting contacts and I appreciate the support as we get this event rocking.

Hily from my office will circle back to set us up with a time to connect.

Joy, Shawne


Example 2 for the entire group who agreed to several asks (When you’re clear on your asks, your five-minutes can be EXTREMELY productive) 

Hi Everyone,

Ask 1!

Thanks for all of you agreeing to be part of the Project: Forgive Quote Book bestseller campaign.

The launch may happen in April (PhD determines:>).

We will keep you updated as the quote book progresses.

Ask 2!

Please send me 10 fantastic wonderful quotes for the book, as well as for use in social media. You can check out our facebook page to see what I’m looking for:

Ask 3! 

If inspired, please place some of my twitter content in your dashboards.

Here’s a link with some of my best:>)

I look forward to your followup as well.




The game here is to MAKE IT VERY EASY for others to support YOU!

Big love,