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Hi EBC Family,

I’m launching a new program to serve your clients with one of my greatest passions!

I’m so happy to announce the launch of the Create Profitable Videos Online Training is ready! This training will help your clients get ready for the new video revolution!

You can promote this to your list after June 12, 2012!

Did you know that 50% of the Internet traffic after 5pm is currently video? And that in a keynote address at 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), YouTube’s Vice President of Global Content, Robert Kyncl, said that video would soon be 90% of Internet traffic (reported by Forbes, 2012).

Video is no longer an option, yet many entrepreneurs and professionals put this essential marketing strategy off because they don’t know where to start or they think it’s complicated (it really doesn’t have to be).

That’s why the Create Profitable Videos Online Training is not only timely, but it’s essential! The training is all about “watch & learn”.

I use video to teach entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of video in their business and I also teach them how they can outsource up to 90% of all their video work to their Video Dream Team! I show them where to find qualified professionals and what they should expect from them.

I’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation every step of the way.

I’ve created a special page that describes the program in detail and I also have a link that shows you exactly what your clients will be receiving.

On this page, you’ll also find a link where you can sign-up to become an affiliate and promote the Create Profitable Videos Online Training to your list.

>>> You’ll find more details here:

>>> You can take a look at the sales page here:

***Take a look at the Value Added Bonus I offer – your clients will have access to hundreds of “DONE for YOU” Inspirational Viral Videos***

Obviously, I want to make this worth your time! And that’s why I’m offering a generous commission of 40% for the first tier.

If you know of other marketers or list owners who have clients who would benefit from learning how to leverage video in their business, I’m offering a 10% 2nd tier commission!

The program is ready for promotion and I’m happy to work around your schedule to find a good date that works with your promotional calendar during the months of June and July. If you can only mail after July, that’s not a problem at all and I’ll be quite grateful for the support when you have an opening!

>>> Here’s the page where your client will be driven to in order for them to watch an information pack webinar called:

‘3 Ways You Can Use Video to Attract MORE Clients and Profits’!

>>>> Thanks for letting me know in advance which dates you plan on mailing<<<< I’m looking forward to working with you and thank you in advance for your invaluable support! Krizia PS: The Webinar platform I use allows me to add your photo. This usually increases optins by 10%. Let me know if you’d like that!