A Life that Works: The Four Missing Links to a Stronger Business and Greater Joy Masterclass

What parts of your life feel like they are on REPEAT?

Imagine moving past those painful patterns in 90 minutes instead of 90 days.

Discover the 4 ways our life force gets diminished and just how much our lives are shaped by our family and early life experiences.

The partners we choose; the careers we find ourselves in, the habits we find most difficult to break. From how we parent to how we prioritize self care right down to our fears and phobias… all of these can be sourced from our family of origin.

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The most valuable step that can be taken right now is to address what’s really holding you back – so you’ll never find yourself in these repetitive situations again.

This work is EXPERIENTIAL. That means a notebook is not required, and that you experience the results in your body – where they stay. That means you begin to implement and see changes immediately.

There are two dates to choose from –
Thurs, April 5th @ 7 PM or Tues, April 10th @ noon.

Pick the date that works best for you to join this free 90 min masterclass.

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