60% Discount on the You Plus 1 Travel Savings Passport!

Hi my fellow EBC / EBI member!

The lure of travel has always been powerful. The opportunity for clients, seminars attendees, and those you simply want to reward can experience something unique. As a motivator, Travel trumps Cash! Recent studies show that a prospect receiving cash paled in comparison to earning the opportunity to travel, reduce their travel expenses, or experience greater luxury when they travel.

By positioning incentive travel as a “cost free indulgence” it is perceived as a more valuable reward than ordinary money could possibly be. The use of incentive travel is one of the most powerful motivational devices available to you today. That is why we created the “You Plus 1 Travel Savings Passport”!

Just a quick idea of how these Passports are being used currently…

As an Incentive or a Thank You for: enrolling in an upcoming live event; purchasing a specific program; enhancing donations to charities; use as door prizes at events; use as a sponsorship to support friends events (like we are!); attending a meeting; monthly order loyalty; joining an online community; becoming a new customer; and “just because”!

You can also use the Travel Savings Passport to save on your own travel expenses!

The “You Plus 1 Lifestyle Travel Savings Passport” delivers $500 in travel savings to whomever you share it with! All any recipient has to do is go to YouPlus1Lifestyle.com, enter the Savings Code (which activates and banks the $500 savings), choose the dates and savings desired, book it through the website, and let the savings begin! This is a true $500 savings on hotels, car rentals, bonus weeks, and activities until total consumed.

We sell the $500 You Plus 1 Travel Savings Passport for $49.95…at that, it delivers a 10X return. Because of our mutual mission within the EBC and EBI to educate, collaborate, create influence, and raise the consciousness of the planet, please accept our offer to make our $500 Travel Savings Passport available to all EBC and EBI members for only $19.97…a full 60% savings! You can get one and save $500…get four and save $2,000…get as many as suits you and your business; and use them as you see fit!

To take advantage of this offer…or to discuss how we and many others are creating positive actions with the Passport, simply reach out to me at: Scott@YouPlus1.com. We’ll talk through how to use this to your advantage…or we’ll rush you as many Passports as you’d like!

To learn more about the $500 Travel Savings Passport, please visit: