50% discount off Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages

EBC/EBI members can get 50% off Spiral Design’s “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages” for the first three months.*

(*EBC Member must sign up for a minimum of three months.)

Custom strategy:
The Social Media Specialist will research your industry, competitors, and learn of your own business

Goals to develop a strategy, including what social media platforms to utilize, and what sort of content to produce. After the custom strategy has been developed, it will be the topic of your first monthly meeting, to get feedback and make adjustments as necessary.

Keyword research:
Keywords relevant to your industry will be researched and incorporated into your website content, in an effort to boost your SEO efforts.

Content research:
With keywords in mind, the SMS will develop original content for your website that provides informative and relevant information to your audience, while boosting your search engine rankings.

SMS will use research to develop a strategy of what keywords to monitor and engage accordingly. For example – if your company boasts a new and improved mechanical pencil, the SMS will set up tracking on the phrase “mechanical pencil,” and engage with users as needed, encouraging them to try your product.

If you’d like to learn more visit grab the packages information here: https://www.spiraldesign.com/ebc-packages.pdf or let’s chat robert@spiraldesign.com

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