Certified Master Trainer
The Mobilization Weekend
Feb 23 - 25, 2023
You are an exceptional speaker and trainer. You shift your audiences, increasing their ability to see who they are, who they can be, allowing their amazing new lives to thrive. 
 And now it’s time to play even bigger.
The EBC "Certified Master Trainer" Series is designed to powerfully connect you with who you already are - a thought leader who can powerfully move people to action.
Consider those moments where you’ve sat captivated while a speaker masterfully moves a room to utter stillness with their mere physical presence. Those moments when you leaped to your feet in inspiration, gratitude and joy. Those moments when your life changed so completely that there was no choice: you had to take action.  
We know it when we see it - the distinction between being a great speaker to one who evolves into a world-renowned thought leader. It’s time for you to define it, embrace it and stand in a new realm of possibility with global intention.

The EBC has strategically brought together three of the top trainers in the world who are masters at their craft, masters at personal power and presence, masters at moving an audience from inspiration to action, and masters at using your purpose to inspire others to positive change.
The Mobilization Weekend
Dates to be determined
In this three-day intensive you will master:
  • Inspiring people to action
  • Pricing
  • ​​Profitable Event
  • ​​Projections
  • ​Projections
  • ​Cash Calculator
  • ​Sales as an indicator of mobilization
  • ​Sales as an outcome/measurement
  • Seeding/ case studies/ testimonials
  • Seeding and safety
  • Team outcome
  • ​​Coaching support team at your event/ other’s events
The EBC Certified Master Trainer Program has two goals:
  • ​To up-level your speaking business to a whole new realm, which includes growing your tribe, influence, and abundance.
  • ​To train you in our high-standards model, allowing you to lead and facilitate at an EBC event. We have values, we have a mission, we have goals. The EBC also has a unique conversation in our training rooms, around influence and the etiquette of dealing with the influential. Who, as a leader, must you be to represent those on stage for the EBC? Group discussions and inquiries will evolve throughout the course, as we develop and collaborate our next level of thought leadership as an influential tribe.
The Complete EBC Certified Master Trainer Program Involves:
  • ​​Three full weekend programs taught by three master trainers. Each weekend program is either 3 full days of content (Live or online) . Each Weekend involves specific breakthroughs needed for a mastery of the highest skills
  • ​Three 7 week coaching programs lead by senior EBC members. The coaching program requires a commitment of 2 to 3 hours per week. It is made up of 5 ninty minute group coaching calls over 5 to 7 weeks, a monthly mobilization call and a weekly call with your assigned Buddy-Coach.
  • You will be trained now how to mobilize audiences by participating in the leadership of EBC Enrollment calls and by being trained as Sales support at a minimum of 4 EBC events (once per quarter)
  • ​We will train you on all aspects of running events as part of the leadership team for 4 EBC retreats in each of the roles of Matamaha (Logistics Coordinator), Sevador (Room Manager), Lead Facilitator and Co-lead Facilitator. After you are complete of these four roles, you will be assessed on the required skills of an EBC Certified Master Trainer to complete your certification.
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