2022 EBC Annual Retreat


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Summary from Charmaine Hammond’s Panel Presentation
7 Ways to Keep Riding the EBC Retreat Wave By Charmaine Hammond
Mitchell Levy - Credibility Nation 5-Day Challenge Gift (6 Months Free)

With this gift, you get Credibility Nation membership until June 2022 which includes access to the CPoP course where you can get clarity on your purpose, and the Being Seen as Credible 5-Day Challenge which helps participants align themselves on and offline to be become magnets to attract their prospects. Click here for this gift

Rodolfo Carrillo - Identify Your Leadership

This Leadership Assessment Tool will give youa personal and honest snapshot of your leadership abilities, pinpoint the specific areas
of your leadership that you can celebrate, and show areas of opportunity for personal growth. This gift includes a recorded webinar with Rodolfo reviewing all 3 Leadership Styles. Click here for this gift

Daniel Gutierrez - Short Meditation & Complimentary Coaching Session

This short meditation is designed for you to download to your phone, iPad, or any electronic device and use it when you need to just slow down for 60 seconds. Click here for this gift

Are you ready to be audacious, courageous in your 2022 goals? Connect with Daniel in this nonobligatory meeting. Click here for this gift

Debbi Dachinger - Discover Your Message

Find out how to be authentic, clear and what your gift and mission is. Discover your unique message, because you can achieve media bookings — with BIG results, when you know the system. Learn the powerful sentences that describe who you are, what you do, and why you stand out, so people will want to work with you. You’ll receive industry information to be a podcast interview guest. It’s a different world now, so shine your light and radiate your message – it is time for you to be VISIBLE. You will receive a template to easily fill in to learn your message – in two sentences! With a video series sharing powerful interview tips. If you’re ready to get started, let me help you get on the media success path. Click here for this gift

Rev. Felicia Searcy - Free gifts to help shape and guide your Vision of your Dream Life!

As a living breathing extension of the Universe itself, you were born to live a life of abundance. But what is the Vision of this dream life? What does it look like, and who are you in it? Felicia is thrilled to share THREE free gifts to help shape and guide your Vision of your Dream Life! It’s time for you to step into the life you were always meant to live! Click here for this gift


In this roll-up-your-sleeves 90-minute workshop we’ll work on your individual plan to take your influence to outrageous levels, lead by Influence Expert Teresa de Grosbois. (Value $3,500). Click here for this gift

Susie Carder - 10-Point Business Assessment

Assess Your Company’s Health in 10 Mission-Critical Areas and Spot Breakdowns Before They Happen. Get Susie Carder’s 10-Point Business Planning Assessment and Companion Video Training. Click here for this gift

Colin Sprake - 20-Min Business Breakthrough Session

For those spouse-owned and operated businesses that qualify, register for a complimentary, 1-on-1 20-minute session with Colin
(value $200). You’ll get your most pressing question answered and walk away with clarity on how to move your business forward with proven strategies! Click here for this gift

Melinda Wittstock - Grow your podcast reach, revenue, and impact with Podopolo

If you’re a podcaster, you know the challenges of amplifying your reach, engaging your community, and growing your revenue. That’s why Podopolo, the app that makes listening social and podcasting profitable for creators, is offering EBC members the opportunity to leverage powerful cross-promotion and social engagement tools, actionable audience insights, and opportunities to add a first, second or additional revenue stream to your podcast business via advertising, sponsorship and subscriptions. Click here for this gift

Debbie Lynn Grace - Complimentary Leadership Program

How To Activate The Highest Vibration Of Your Soul Aligned State So You Become An Unstoppable Leader With The Greatest Amount Of Joy, Ease And Flow.

This audio program with Debbie Lynn Grace walks you through:

  • The essential nourishment the life force energy your calling needs so your mission can expand
  • How to stay resilient, calm and navigate above the chaotic energy of the world.
  • The four types of tools that are critical for the life force energy of your calling.
  • What you need to accelerate your leadership journey.

Click here for this gift

Christopher Salem - 31 Day Mindset Clarity Program for Personal & Business Growth

31 Day Mindset Clarity Program for Personal & Business Growth – A sustainable success or taking your business & lifestyle to the next level requires a clear and focused mindset. Do you have a clear or cluttered mindset? Click here for this gift

PLUS a complimentary 45-minute assessment to determine your influence factor and mental toughness to scale your business. Click here for this gift

Norma Hollis - The Authenticity Assessment

Take The Authenticity Assessment
Would you like to understand yourself at a deeper and more profound level?
Many successful people have said that the first step to true success is self-awareness. If you would like to gain the self-awareness that leads to increased success and no regrets, take the Authenticity Assessment and connect with the most authentic and meaningful dimensions of yourself.

  • Understand yourself at a deeper, more profound level
  • Take an important step to success through greater self-awareness
  • Rediscover your values
  • Increase your confidence and courage
  • Gain more clarity about your life

Click here for this gift

Charmaine Hammond - Strategy Call/Discovery call

Join Charmaine for a 30-minute Strategy Call/Discovery call to discuss how to bring sponsorship and collaboration into your projects and the dreams you are raising. Click here for this gift

Eva Medilek - Relationship Style Assessment Quiz

Assessment Quiz
What’s stopping you from having more time, energy, money, success, and fun! Learn how to break through where you STOP so that you can achieve greater success, better health, and happier relationships. Take this FREE quiz to identify what is STOPPING your SUCCESS and learn exactly what you can do about it. Click here for this gift

Iman Aghay - The Ultimate Toolbox for Creating and Selling your online course

Download a PDF version – The Ultimate Toolbox for creating and selling your online course. Click here for this gift

Dr. Ganz Ferrance - 12 Stress Busting Tips!

As my gift to you, I’ll be emailing you 12 tips (over a month) to help you to combat stress and give you practical, down-to-earth things you can do to improve your life on a daily basis.
I’ve also found that people generally have lots of questions that they wish they could ask a psychologist. This is even more true for most who’ve heard me speak. I tend to stir the pot! So to help, you can ask me your questions and each week I’ll pick one to answer. Then I’ll email you a video response with some proven tips and tools. Your name will never appear and your questions will be kept 100% confidential. Click here for this gift

Dr. Dorothy A. Martin-Neville - Owning Your Leadership eBook

Although leadership is a natural gift we all possess, without a clear understanding of your leadership styles, your beliefs, expectations, and willingness to grow in the position, you are hindered in your ability to take yourself and your company to the unlimited levels that are possible – and perhaps waiting….
This EBook explains the Five Archetypes of Leadership, your natural personality, the impact of early childhood experiences, and your developed belief systems (frequently unrecognized) and how the combination of all these creates the context for the leader you will become. Knowledge is power, claim all the power you can! Click here for this gift

Rev. Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery - TAKE A B.R.E.A.T.H.

The process of dismantling racism is not an easy one. Bringing out the best in others requires the best of you. It requires tapping into your sacred intelligence. Your FREE COPY of TAKE A B.R.E.A.T.H. 6 Essentials for Dealing with the Difficulties of Dismantling Racism will foster your ability to remain grounded, focused, and empowered as you engage in the work of dismantling racism. Click here for this gift

Diane Shrock, LMFT - Reveal Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Ready to Reveal Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?
You are about to embark upon a journey of growth and gratitude. Practicing and increasing EQ in your life can be just the ticket to success. Take the quiz now to reveal your EQ!. Click here for this gift

Laura Lane - Excerpt copy of upcoming book

Excerpt copy of Laura Lane’s upcoming book:
I Touch the Heavens, The Heavens Touch Me: Spiritual Insights After Tragedy
An Inspirational Journal combining poetic verse with deeply personal and spiritual insights, the book touches on topics of faith, gratitude, love, grief, prayer, meditation, and childhood cancer.
A 50-year Anniversary tribute to Hugh Prather’s I Touch the Earth The Earth Touches Me. Click here for this gift

Dr. Whitney Gordon-Mead - The Art of Letting Go

To let go does not mean to get rid of. To let go means to let be. When we let be with compassion, things come and go on their own.
~ Jack Kornfield
The Art of Letting Go: How to Realize Greater Freedom and Fulfillment
This is a free 2-part gift, checklist and worksheet, which allows for more ease and flow by providing helpful tips for letting go of the things that cause struggle, overwhelm, and even self-sabotaging behaviors. Use the checklist to see what you want to let go of to accelerate greater freedom, flow, and fulfillment in your life. The worksheet walks you through how to let go of the specific things that you find the courage to let go of. When you let go of the past, you’ll be ready to take yourself and your company to the next level, moving into a future that you design. Click here for this gift

Pat Duckworth - Menopause Mind The Gap

Menopause is a workplace issue. Valuing employees at this stage of life means understanding the unique challenges facing women at work during this transitional phase. The benefits for employers are significant, including: Retaining knowledgeable and experienced employees, increasing performance, boosting morale, creating a more equal, diverse and inclusive workplace Learn more about the business case by downloading the first chapter of Menopause: Mind the Gap – The value of supporting women’s wellness in the workplace.
Click here for this gift